Anonymity In Its Purest Form

May 13, 2016 1 min read

anonymity in its purest form moab

Anonymity in its purest form.

We started an ongoing campaign for Silent Pocket called 'Mind the Grid' - a visual and hands on way to bring awareness to the growing issue of privacy and the difficulty of disconnecting from mobile technology.

For us at Silent Pocket, this was embodied by a 3-part road trip spanning over 6000 miles. The second leg of our Mind The Grid road trip took us from the Colorado Rockies to the National forests of Oregon. Equipped with a camera and an old truck camper, we disconnected and explored during the transition from Winter to Spring. Wrapping our way through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington and finally to Bend, Oregon, we saw and absorbed the solemnity of nature. 

By paying tribute to nature, the unique history of the American Northwest, our fascination with maps, the pioneers that came before us, and the adventurers of our time, we find ourselves temporarily escaping from the reality of our reality. 

Highlighted here is our jaunt along the red earth trails in Moab, UT. 


Curtis Jacobs
Curtis Jacobs

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