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Yes, Your Cell Phone Is Giving You Cancer!

June 01, 2016 3 min read

Yes, Your Cell Phone Is Giving You Cancer!

How Is My Cell Phone Giving Me Cancer?

cell phone brain cancer

Last week, researchers at the US National Toxicology Program(NTP), a federally run sub-agency of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), recently released the findings of a $25 million dollar animal study.  It links the type of radiation emitted from cell phones and other mobile devices to the formation of rare cancers in at least two types of cells in the brains and hearts of rats.  These results have been posted on a pre-publication website run by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, and they will undoubtedly re-ignite the radiation debate surrounding wireless devices.

The rats were exposed to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) of 900 Mhz, which mimics the frequency used by most cell phones.  They were exposed before birth (in utero) and this continued, 9 hours daily, for two years.

Cause for Concern

Christopher Portier, a retired head of the NTP who also contributed to the launch of the study and still works as a federal contractor in the capacity of a scientific consultant, said, “This is by far- far and away- the most carefully done cell phone bioassay, a biological assessment.  This is a classic study that is done for trying to understand cancer in humans.  There will have to be a lot of work after this to assess if it causes problems in humans, but the fact that you can do it in rats will be a big issue.  It actually has me concerned, and I’m an expert.”


The rats were exposed to RF in multiple groups of 90.  The more of these rats that were exposed, the more of them developed these rare types of brain and heart tumors.  Although certainly not concrete evidence, it demonstrates a direct dose-response relationship.  The incidence of these rare tumors were relatively low, but in *rare* tumors, that’s always the case.
“There are only 90 animals per group, so because there is a trend and this is the purpose of these assays where you do multiple doses you extrapolate downward and calculate a risk for humans from those trends, so that information is useful.  Probably what caused cancer at the high doses will cause cancer at lower doses but to a lesser degree,” Portier says.

Even more telling is the fact that none of the control rats, or ones not exposed to this exact form of RFR, developed these rare tumors - not a single one!  “The trend here is important.  The question is, ‘Should one be concerned?’  The answer is clearly ‘Yes.’, says David Carpenter, a public health clinician and the director of the Institute for Health and the Environment at the University of Albany, S.U.N.Y.

The study was not geared to report and analyze the more common forms of cancer, so we still do not know for certain how big of an impact all these forms of radiofrequency radiation we’re inundated with, on a daily and consistent basis, plays into the explosion of cancer rates.

Are They Telling Us the Truth?


Less than a week later, all of mainstream media has jumped into the fray to tell us, once again, that cell phone usage does not lead to cancer.  They cite the same corporate-funded studies from more than a decade ago - the ones paid for by the cell phone carriers themselves - and expect us to believe them despite the growing concern and new evidence.  

1 in 2 men will develop cancerin their lifetimes and 1 in 3 women will get it as well, yet nothing seems to ever cause it.  

It should be common sense that putting a battery powered device to your temple, the thinnest part of the skull, that emits and receives radio frequencies (aka radiation) is not not natural, nor can it be good for your health.

I’d say the old cliche about “ better safe than sorry” applies in this case.  

Protect yourself!  (preferably with a Silent Pocket product of course!)

Josh Bare
Josh Bare

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