5G, the end of location privacy?

March 18, 2019 1 min read

5G cell tower

As 5G is starting to become a reality with our smartphones and their carriers, but at what cost?

5G cellular network has a much smaller broadcast range than the 4G networks at current, which means more cell towers overall. The more cell towers around means the easier it will be to pinpoint a users location. These towers are needed because the network doesn't have the strength that 4G or past networks had to penetrate walls and be used indoors. These towers will be smaller and more akin to antennas than the big ones that exist today, but there will be a lot more than currently are around.

As you use your device it connects to one tower at a time, and with these increased towers, this connection will mean more location accuracy than ever before. In the years of the 4G networks, your location was obscured to be anywhere within a mile of a tower, now it will be half or a quarter of that, the exact is unknown at present.

So if you're looking forward to the increased speeds of the 5G network be aware of the extra precautions you will need to protect your location.

We recommend using a Faraday Sleeve when your devices are not in use.



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