A Buyer’s Guide for the Security and Privacy Conscious.

April 05, 2019 3 min read


This week we are featuring Unvisible.Me a website dedicated to a security conscious lifestyle and how it came to be.

In the words of the creator:

In 2012 I was introduced to JJ. Luna’s book “How to be Invisible.” Like many of us that have an interest in privacy and security, this book resonated with me a great deal and sent me on a quest for answers, ideas, and strategies on ways I could incorporate these new found ideas in to my life. I quickly realized that the resources surrounding this subject were sparse and many were unreliable. Also, given my background in military intelligence technology J.J. Luna’s methods lacked ideas for dealing with some of the modern technologies we have today, primarily cellphones.

A few years later I bought the book “The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference: Volume I.” The authors of this book had, in my eyes, started where J.J Luna had left off. They focused heavily on cellphone technology as well as online and digital security methods. Renewed with excitement and hope I became focused again on seeking out information and ideas related to the privacy and security conscious lifestyle.

 Unfortunately, what I found was not that much different than before. When you seek out personal cybersecurity and privacy related subjects on the internet you inevitably end up in either dooms day prepper or super techie websites. Now don’t get me wrong, I love going down the internet rabbit hole of “prepper” websites just like the rest of us, and just as much I have enough technical knowledge to hold a conversation with some of the extremely technical types. The problem for me is I am not in either one of those groups.

I would always come back to is the fact that there had to be a way to have a privacy and security conscious lifestyle without being considered a “tinfoil hat” guy or a super nerd. Most of us do not fit in those extreme groups, we are in the middle somewhere. I also realized that I had an advantage over some of my friends and family who had similar interests, in that I had a decent understanding on some of the more technical aspects related to digital security, where as they would become almost immediately overwhelmed.

This got me thinking about putting together a resource that would be useful for anyone seeking out information or products related to the privacy and security conscious lifestyle, regardless of their technological skill level. The result of that idea is Unvisible.Me.

Unvisible.Me is a buyer’s guide for the security and privacy conscious lifestyle. We are dedicated to digging up the best physical security, digital security, personal defense, communications, and privacy related gadgets, gear, and information.  

We are a Veteran owned and operated business. We believe in the freedom to protect yourself and the right to privacy. Many people are becoming aware of the threats we are vulnerable to in today’s hyper connected world but do not know where to start to educate themselves on these complex issues. 

This is why we created Unvisible.Me. With new items posted every week, we aim to be the source that you turn to for the next great thing to fulfill the needs of your security and privacy conscious lifestyle.

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