Anyone Can Be a Car Theft Victim

September 03, 2021 2 min read

Anyone Can Be a Car Theft Victim

Tom Cruise's BMW 7 series Stolen by Relay Attack.

If you follow current events, you may have recently heard that Tom Cruise and his bodyguard had their $137K BMW stolen while they were abroad filming the latest Mission Impossible.What you may not have heard, was that his car was stolen via Relay Attack, the type of theft that we do our best to make public knowledge.

According to The Sun, the burglars used a scanner to clone the signal from the vehicle's ignition fob as it was parked outside Birmingham's Grand Hotel. This incident catches the highlights because of Tom Cruise. But a relay auto theft hack could put millions of people in danger of having their cars stolen. The car was recovered shortly after due to a GPS tracker, but this shows that anyone in susceptible to a car theft, even if they are incredibly security conscience.

Relay Attacks

For a relay attack, criminals utilize a pair of radio transmitters (often about the size of a backpack and can be done in seconds) to boost and intercept the signal from a keyless entry car fob to fool the automobile into thinking the burglar has the keys, known as relay car hacking. The thieves can the enter the car and in some cases drive away.

relay attack in action

A couple of burglars recently proved how simple it was to steal a brand new Mercedes in Birmingham, needing only one minute to open the door and drive away. 

Better to Prepare

The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim to car theft is to prepare. Most people store their keys within 10 feet of the front door, and therefore susceptible to a relay attack. 

Besides moving your car keys away from the front door, a Faraday Key Fob Guard is an easy to use prevention technique. By storing your keys inside, thieves will not be able to boost and intercept your key fob's signal.

Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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