Apple And Google Are Using your Location Data to Track Who You Have Been Near

April 10, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

apple and google are tracking your location during coronavirus

Does that title scare you? It should.

During this time of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Apple and Google have banded together to create software that is "privacy-conscious" and on an "opt-in" basis, looking to help prevent COVID Waves in the future.

The idea is that after downloading a public safety application, you can log if you have tested positive for Coronavirus, the software then conducts contact tracing and searches everywhere you have been for the last 14 days and trace routing who you may have been in contact with. They do this by not only searching where your phone has sent out a signal but the ones that have gone out around you to triangulate location. Then contacting who you've been around.

It seems a bit like Big Brother if you ask us, with our civil liberties being gradually brought down.

While you may "opt-in," did the person at the grocery store? This effectively negates the "opt-in" status for everyone.

If the government deems this necessary, what is preventing them from having this forcibly installed on every device? There are reports of cellular companies and governments already working together to find people breaking quarantine and what is stopping them from casting an even wider net.

What can you do?

If you leave your house, store your phone in a Faraday Sleeve. This will stop your phone sending out a signal every few seconds as you go about your errands, or "non-essential needs." This process is used by companies and governments on a daily basis and is known as Geo-Fencing. The idea of someone looking over your shoulder is a scary thought and is only increased during trying times. Dropping your phone in a sleeve is an easy and effective solution to go on or off the grid at your choosing.

Silent Pocket Faraday Signal Blocking Phone Sleeve


Brandon L
Brandon L

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Bonnie Soteropolis
Bonnie Soteropolis

May 04, 2020

If even half of all tech consumers in America, used a Faraday product judiciously, it would turn Google, Apple, Verizon, Fb, Twitter, much of Silicon Valley upside down! Remember without customers they don’t have a business let alone a profitable one! We are giving a very strong message that we don’t like what they’re doing and want it stopped. We are not “victims” of tech unless we allow ourselves to be. Purposefully reduce use of wifi, bluetooth, location, permissions for use of microphones, cameras, voice, especially with apps that have no real reason to utilize them.
I turn my house & phone wifi off every night after I finish using my computer, as well as my TV, by unplugging them, even though I could use an app to do so. Wondering if that makes any difference..? Everytime I do so, the next day I get an email or text asking me if I am aware I can use an app for that purpose, or asking if I am having equipment trouble with a phone number, email address to contact them if so, or a video showing me how to use the app. That alone speaks volumes. It means they lose some of their tracking ability when I don’t use the app. I am only 1 person, think what an impact many would have…simultaneously see what 1 person can do! I am choosing to not be a victim, how about anyone else?

Bonnie Soteropolis
Bonnie Soteropolis

May 01, 2020

From the picture, it appears I have the Faraday Sleeve. I use it for my cell phone (Samsung 9, as well as a vpn). When I go ANYWHERE outside of my home, even just to the mailbox, my phone is in this carrier. Also, even at home, when I’m done using it (cell phone) I shut it off and keep it in the carrier. However I am not of the generation that has its tech products (especially a cell phone) embedded to my hip at all times, so this may not work well for others. That being said, anyone wanting to protect their privacy can utilize this tool and others available here, to do so. I have also purchased the 6 count RFID card holder with a pocket for cash. I recommend this organization’s products and plan to make another purchase (possibly the 10 liter bag) soon. So far the quality of these products is excellent.

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