Apple's Contact Tracing Expands: Application No Longer Needed

September 05, 2020 2 min read

Apple's Contact Tracing Expands: Application No Longer Needed

In an unprecedented move, Apple's latest iPhone software update negates the need for a specific contact tracing application. Previously, there were multiple different applications that could be downloaded, and depending on your location, used the API that Apple and Google developed together.

 This raised our concern early on for multiple reasons, first off we knew that many policies put into place after 9/11, were not discontinued after a certain time period, and second, we saw the massive possibilities for data theft in the current situation.

While this is due to multiple reasons, one of the main ones is that between all the different governments involved, either through countries or states, there was not one specific application. This alone leads to massive confusion and the possibility of not getting accurate results, with multiple data sets at once.

Apple has apparently decided to circumvent this issue and download the API necessary straight to your phone. On one hand, this does solve the application issue but also is a threat to your privacy and security.

When the software update is installed:

It "defaults" to turning off exposure notifications, aka not "actively tracking your phone." However, we think that if they can put this on your phone that quickly, what makes us so sure that they can "turn it on" just as quickly?

Apple has stated that this is completely anonymous data, only using the specific location data, but there has also been a privy of information over the last couple of years that shows how easy it is to backtrace this data.

The time to act and take back your privacy is now. The simple adoption of a Faraday Sleeve allows the user to simply drop off the grid if any party is tracking their information. A great way to secure personal privacy and security, during and after the pandemic. Protecting your smartphone from GPS, RFID/NFC, Bluetooth, Cellular, Wifi, Wireless, 5G, EMP, and EMF!


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Brandon L
Brandon L

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