Application Shielding and You

May 10, 2019 2 min read

what is application shielding and how can it protect you

Our Smartphone and Tablet applications are growing on a daily basis. There are the built in ones such as messaging, internet, camera, clock, etc. and the ones we download to make our lives easier ( Hello Slack, Trello, etc.), our social ones such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and of course just the ones to pass the time (Hi Candy Crush!) Of course these are the more standard ones so we would hope they have better security measures but what about the new game on the market or the ones your kid found while browsing the Free section of the App store, what is being done to protect your phone from these applications?

Enter "Application Shielding" a process that hides an applications binary code (0101010101 etc.), or its bread and butter, so hackers have a harder chance of finding the backdoor. This process has evolved over the years and this "binary protection" now can run continually in the background to make sure that your apps are running safely.

While this process is working to help strengthen your phones security and its applications, it still is not the end all solution. In an ideal scenario, your apps are built to such a standard that this is not needed in the first place and all the proper security measures are in place. In other words it is like "hiding a safe behind a painting."

There was a recent study that looked at numerous financial apps and found that many of them had multiple security issues, with 97% of them not using this process above and could leak your personal and financial data. 

This process at the very least should be a necessity for applications, let alone ones that deal with so much personal information. 

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