Are your computer Applications that safe?

February 16, 2019 1 min read

Are your computer Applications that safe?

What do you use on a daily basis on your computer?

Are you sure that everything you use is protecting your personal information?

From your internet browsing, your email, calendar and any other applications you may use that have become tied to your daily life. Once they have become intertwined they start to carry lots of personal information and it is necessary to make sure that they are protecting it.

Recently it was found that in Apple's Mac Operating System Mojave, that there are certain folders that do not have any permissions dialogue. In other words, this folder(s), specifically ~/Library/Safari would allow other applications to look inside it and access the users web history. If not properly addressed soon, could allow for malware to get in.

Alternative Solutions

1. Stop using Safari
  • Alternatives like Firefox are known for their high security measures to protect your browsing history

2. Use a VPN Service

  • There are many VPN Services out there for your computer, phone and tablet, to protect your browsing at all times.

3. Use an Alternative Email Client

  • If you're looking for that bit of extra security, use a email client that is devoted to security.

4. Look into Secure Calendars

  • I know google, apple, and outlook make business and life easy to share but try out a Secure Calendar option


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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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