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Back to School Essentials

October 03, 2020 1 min read

Back to School Essentials

During this Unprecedented Time, School has changed dramatically. This has forced not only college students but Elementary, Middle, and High School students to work within an online landscape.

While this presents its own share of challenges for parents, it is important to not forget about the Privacy, Security, and Health of our children as they navigate this world on a greater scale than ever before. Hackers, thieves, and spies are taking advantage of this increased viewership and targeting this new "market."

 The Issues:

Spending this much time on a computer, tablet, or phone means an increased amount of radiation that your body is taking in. Use a Faraday Sleeve to create a barrier if there is no desk involved, and to store it when you are finished. Because it is no longer possible to remove the battery from our devices, they are "always on" and constantly emitting EMF/EMR radiation even when not actively being used.

Privacy Stickers are a Must Have! They allow the user to completely control the camera on their device. Disconnect the camera from any hackers and prevent any unwanted sights while on video calls.

Select schools are allowing limited in person classes, make sure to store your devices in a secure formwhile traveling in between to limit GPS Locating, Bluetooth Tracking, and more!

Brandon L
Brandon L

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