8 Cybersecurity Tips For Business Travel

April 09, 2018 4 min read

cybersecurity tips to prevent data leaks during business travels

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Data breaches are very common among business travelers. Privacy and security laws are not universal and vary from country to country. Most countries reserve the rights to be able to search and confiscate your belongings including your laptop, phone, and any files you brought abroad. Several cybersecurity tips can help minimize the risk during business travels to ensure

Over 2.5 million people travel each year for business. Business trips are essential to grow and maintain relationships with other companies and clients. While business trips are crucial to growth, they can also be detrimental to the company. Traveling for business can put your company at risk if your traveling employees are not careful and aware.

With this being said, it is crucial to have strong cybersecurity practices and procedures implemented within your business and employees. Here are some tips to help protect your company’s data and how to avoid a data breach.

1. Read and understand your rights to the country you are going to

This seems basic and obvious, but many people and employees do not know their legal rights in other countries. It is important to brief your employees on their rights especially with airport security and any other relevant laws that would/could affect your employee.

2. Take An Old Laptop And Phone

It is highly recommended not to take your work laptop when traveling internationally. Depending on which country you are doing business in, police and security can confiscate and keep your laptop and other devices. To avoid this upset, you should take an old laptop. You should never take your work laptop abroad unless it is backed up to a hard drive, even then it is still debatable. Your everyday laptop has a plethora of sensitive data and important files on it. With that being said, you do not want this laptop to fall into the wrong hands or have anyone extracting data from your laptop. It is also recommended not to bring any devices you do not need. This just gives more opportunity for data breaches.

3. Take Only The Data You Need

It is essential that you only take the relevant files, data, and information that relates solely to the business and client you are directly working with. You do not need to be carrying around other client’s or company’s information that does not pertain to the task at hand. You should always backup and save the files not being used and then proceed to delete any all files and information on the laptop that isn’t needed. This cybersecurity tip may seem simple, but it ensures your sensitive data is protected from data leaks.

4. Laptop Sleeve with Faraday Cage

Laptop Sleeve


Think your laptop is safe when it’s off? Think again. Cybercriminals are able to access your data even when your laptop is turned off. As another cybersecurity tip, we recommend using analog solutions for continuous data protection.

SLNT’s Laptop Sleeve instantly blocks all signals to and from your laptop ensuring top notch privacy and security with its patented Faraday cage. This laptop sleeve is ideal for business travelers because it physically and digitally protect your laptop.


5. Encrypt And Password Protection

It is crucial to encrypt all your data when traveling abroad. If your devices ever get stolen or confiscated, at least the data is encrypted.  Encrypting your data is extremely important and should be a must for anyone traveling. Two-step authentication is another great idea to consider.

This will double-check that it really is you and not someone trying to access your account. A password is also important to have on literally everything. Your password should be difficult with capital letters, numbers and symbols. The more cybersecurity features you put on your devices it will be easier to prevent data leaks.

6. Faraday Phone Sleeve

SLNT's Faraday Phone Sleeve is a smart and convenient way to protect your phone when you travel. This phone bag blocks all signals to and from your phone and enables tracking and anyone getting access to your microphone or camera. Most business travelers bring their personal phone. This phone could still have data and information involving your company, so it is a wise idea to place your phone in this bag for continuous data protection.

7. Do Not Connect To WI-FI

Free Wi-Fi is convenient and perfect for when you are waiting at the airport or in your hotel room. Unfortunately, this Wi-Fi is on an unsecured network. This means you should not be going on to any important and sensitive websites such as online banking, checking your email, making purchases, or anything in that realm. Cybercriminals and hackers can get your account information and passwords and then proceed to exploit your information, which can result in data leaks. If it is essential to work or use the internet, it is best to use a VPN. A VPN will block your IP address and make hackers unable to get into your accounts. VPNs are a smart and practical way to travel while working.

8. Passport Wallet

Simple Passport Wallet

SLNT Passport Wallets protect and secure your passport, license, credit cards, and money with its Faraday cage. This RFID wallet is essential for travel and traveling through an airport. Cybercriminals target locations like airports to skim cards and steal identities. As a cybersecurity tip, use this wallet to ensure your information remains private to avoid your cards being compromised when you are abroad.

Cybersecurity is extremely important when you are traveling abroad especially for businesses. We recommend talking with your head of IT on tips and procedures to follow abroad as well as discussing this with your boss before embarking on each trip. With privacy laws being different in each country, it is vital to know and understand the laws you will be abiding by and learning how to best protect and secure your information within that country. Lack in privacy can be a big problem without taking necessary precautions to for continuous data protection.

Traveling is already stressful as it is, SLNT is here to give you peace of mind with these cybersecurity tips. Happy and safe travels!


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