Car Theft: Still An Issue When We are At Home.

August 03, 2020 2 min read

Car Theft: Still An Issue When We are At Home.

When the term Car Theft comes to mind it is often the Smash And Grab or the hotwire technique that jumps to the front of your mind. Images of a broken car window with glass strewn across the asphalt or pavement and either your car missing or it being completely rifled through as you return.

There has been a shift as both the cars and the thieves have become more advanced. The new techniques mean that break-ins and thefts are virtually silent and are more likely to happen at your front door then out and about.

This was filmed almost a month ago and shows the thieves in action. They simply have a backpack full of gear and are using the gear to boost the signal from your keyfob and broadcast it to a receiver that the other thief has to enter and start the vehicle.

How does this happen you may ask?

It is common practice to put our Car Keys by the front door of our house or where we are staying, and with the 21st-century, modern cars are both keyless entry and/or keyless start. 

Unfortunately, the way that these key fobs work is to constantly emit a signal as they are technically, "always on." This means that this signal can be boosted by the thief, and then captured. Once captured this can be relayed back to your car.

Since we have been at home for the recent months, we have generally let our guard down when it comes to our cars in our driveways. This is a reminder that we still have to be aware of the threats out there.

 The Silent Pocket Faraday Key Fob Guard is the quintessential item to keep your 20K + vehicle in your driveway secure. Keep this by your front door and bring it on your next Road Trip to make sure you are always secure.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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