Car Thefts on the Rise During Stay At Home Orders

May 19, 2020 2 min read

Car Thefts on the Rise During Stay At Home Orders

What do you see when you look out your front window in the morning or better yet do you even look out your front window first thing?

Hopefully, you see your car.

What would you do if you didn't?

As people are quarantined at home there have been more and more reports in cities from Los Angeles, to Seattle, to Nebraska, and New York, that are all seeing a rising trend of car thefts across the board with other crimes on a downward trend. People have become so complacent and used to being at home, save for the monthly trip to the store, that they aren't even looking outside for their car.

In the rarest of cases, a man in Seattle had his car returned when he wasn't even aware it was stolen.

It is sad to see people taking advantage of current morale to make some people's situations worse than they already are. Unfortunately, Car Thieves are more skilled than ever before. They don't break your window and trigger an alarm, but take the signal from your key fob and take it for themselves. This is a huge reason that keyless entry and keyless start vehicles need to be protected because for the right person they are always on.

Most people store their keys by their front door where it is most susceptible to relay attacks. Fortunately, there is an easy effective, and well-priced fix for your car that costs thousands.

Drop your keys in a Faraday Bag by the food, simple and well designed to not look out of the ordinary. Giving you and your family the Peace of Mind that your car is still going to be there.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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