Clean Your Devices Now.

March 07, 2020 1 min read

Clean Your Devices Now.

We often talk about how we need to create divides between us and our digital devices. We've mentioned many times how they are constantly emitting radiation, are huge sources of distraction, and how much personal information they are giving out at any moment.

All of that aside, with the recent Flu season and the outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid-19), we wanted to address something else that often goes unnoticed.

Just how many germs our phones and other digital devices hold.

If you think about it, every surface you touch and every person's hand you shake, all goes back to your device(s). So when is the last time you made sure to clean them?

Here are some simple steps to make sure you are not spreading germs:

Make sure to turn your device off.

Take off any case or accessory.

Get two microfiber cloths.

Get a small bowl of warm water and soap.

Use one cloth with a small amount of soap and water to wipe off your device.

Use the other to dry.

Repeat at least once a week or if you have visited a school or crowded public space (subways, airports, parks,etc.). These spaces often have a higher risk of contamination.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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