Covid-19 and Contact Tracing, Where do we stand now?

June 26, 2020 2 min read

Covid-19 and Contact Tracing, Where do we stand now?

It has now been a month since Apple released its contact tracing in its latest update. Since then, Google has officially rolled out its own version as well.

The joining of these companies in this endeavor shook the stage of privacy and security policies in the current state of our world. Apple and Google combined to cover the majority of the smartphone market and historically have worked as competitors.

The two companies maintain that privacy is one of their main concerns and that you can choose what information is shared with health authorities. Additionally, if you are contacted by the application in question, you and the system will not actually know who you have been in contact with. 

Among the adopters of the software are Germany, Switzerland, 20 other countries, and three states, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Dakota. While many other countries and states have shared intent to create their own software and application or adopt Human Contact Tracing.

This creates another problem as there are now multiple applications with varying levels of security. In extreme cases, it has been found that malicious engineers are creating Fake Covid-19 Contact Tracing Applications

One such app will lock your Android phone after downloading and require a $100 bitcoin payment to regain all of your data (photos, videos, messages, etc.) However, if you have a password on your phone they cannot access your data. 

Among these issues, and as we have previously mentioned, is if this data will be used for other purposes than Covid-19 Contact Tracing. The two strongholds, Apple and Google, claim that they are maintaining high levels of privacy policies. The software comes installed as not on, but what is to say that they couldn't turn it on without us knowing?

Whether you decide to download these applications or not, be wary of where your application is coming from and understand that your location privacy is at risk.

This change in policy has the potential not only for governments to track your whereabouts but your employer to instigate their own versions. Unfortunately, for many getting rid of your phone altogether is not an option.

The solution is simple, use a Faraday Sleeve. While we understand that this may not be necessary all the time, we also know that you may go somewhere that is not deemed "necessary" either by an employer or a local government. Drop your phone in when you leave your house and take it out when you need to make that call or you are in a safe area.

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Brandon L

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