Cyber Security and your Company

January 24, 2019 1 min read

Cyber Security and your Company

Wonder what it is like to have your company be under a cyber security attack?

IBM has your solution to really test your company. 

In a 23 ton truck, IBM has created a tactical operations center on wheels to put you and your team throughthe ranks.

Within this truck; you will experience the whole array of events that may go on. 

Everything from massive amounts of emails from the CEO about "stolen" customer information, to fake phone calls from fake reporters to comment on the current situation, and more. All in the name of establishing clear communication during times of crisis.

This clear communication and established practice that everyone is briefed on can help save you and your company in the face of security breaches.

Furthermore, hey say that if these attacks do occur, then the companies should use them as a learning opportunity. As much as many may want to try and sweep it under the rug, companies should realize where there were pitfalls and then close them.

How do you increase your businesses Cyber Security?

While there are many options, we recommend looking into companies like Onyx and Sophos as a security option for your valued informations. As well as installing Comprehensive Mobile Security Optionson company phones and personal ones of notable individuals in your company.

Furthermore, simple analog solutions such as our Faraday Phone, Tablet, and Laptop sleeves are great options to protect you and your companies devices during travel and commute.



Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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