How to Prepare for the Future of Cyber Security

October 11, 2019 2 min read

prepare for the future of cyber security

What is coming next? No one really knows, especially in the cyber world.

So what can you and your team do to prepare yourself for the future, when you don't know whats around the corner. Especially as many attacks are masquerading behind simple emails or messages that can get past common basic security software.

AI and ML

Alessio De Luca from Florence Consulting Group recommends that you use a system based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that can adapt as attacks change. He says that the majority of malware attacks are now able to circumvent traditional antivirus systems.

He notes that many attacks come in ways that attempt the trust of the users, such as the recent WeTransfer scam.


On another note, Steven Durbin of the Information Security Forum, says that we need people in place that understand human emotion. IT security becomes focused on cyber attacks that they can anticipate, but there needs to be people in place that can understand how the common person may act, respond and behave, such as opening that email and clicking the link that they shouldn't have. 

Having this person as part of the staff will allow the new security measure that are put into place over time, be translated correctly to the rest of the staff that may not be tech savvy.


 Terrill Frantz, an associate professor of eBusiness and cybersecurity at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, says that IoT (Internet of things) is where the next IT security is going to be. Noting that "if you think securing a smartphone or laptop is hard, multiply that by several hundred million or billion devices."

He says that the problem is that many of these devices are open source and do not get regular security updates, and therefore are at greater security risk.

There are a handful of ways to get a jumpstart on your company's cyber security for the future. Interested in more?

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