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Data Privacy Week

January 27, 2022 2 min read 1 Comment

Data Privacy Week

This Week is Data Privacy Week! 

This means that this is a time for us to acknowledge the possible pitfalls that surround us in our personal and work lives. Technology is a given at the moment and with our everyday use, it's imperative that we take the right steps to guard ourselves.

data privacy

With the bevy of accounts that we all use from financial institutions to social media, it's important that we keep those passwords safe and not consistent. If we use the same password for everything, then once a thief gains access to one, they can have access to everything else.

There are a variety of password managers out there for your phones, tablets, and laptops that allow you to generate passwords and keep them secure. These range from free to paid options for your exact needs.

use a vpn for data privacy
Especially when using a shared network such as a coffee shop or co-work WiFi, it is important to use a vpn while using anything internet based. That includes your email. Shared networks are a hotspot for hackers to use as a backdoor into the multiple connected devices. 
There are multiple free options out there as well as paid that allow you to pick specific countries or locations to mask your IP address through.
SLNT faraday phone sleeve
We may sound like a broken record at this point, but daily use of a Faraday bag or anti-theft sling allows you to live on the grid when you choose to. We are all constantly moving without the world and with that comes multiple chances for hackers or thieves to access your personal and work data. 
Daily use of a Faraday product allows you to travel freely while knowing that your devices are completely private and secure.
slnt slnt
slnt slnt

1 Response

Eric Murphy
Eric Murphy

March 04, 2022

I just purchased a ryoko portable hand held wi-Fi for when I am no where to connect to the internet. Would you recommend a faraday pocket for such a device …. And if so …. What product in your line would you suggest ?
The overal dimensions of this portable wi-are 3” x 5” x .5”

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