A Day In the Shoes of a Freelancer

March 31, 2018 4 min read

A Day In the Shoes of a Freelancer

Guest Author: Kleverson Morais

I would like to start explaining that more than a business or an entrepreneurial career path, being a freelancer is a personal alignment. I don’t do freelancing, I am a freelancer and there is a huge difference on mindset right there. From when I used to sell keyrings at Japanese fairs when I was 15 years old to earning 5 figures per application I build, I never saw myself as someone who would be just satisfied doing the same things over and over. I always wanted to be in control of my future, regardless the ups and downs that would come with it.

With that being said, privacy and cybersecurity is important for all freelancers, no matter what industry you are in. It is important to protect your personal data and client's data because a data breach can affect your reputation and overall livelihood. I use Silent Pocket's laptop sleeveto protect my laptop's data when I travel internationally or to local coffee shops. Being a freelance requires maximum discretion and top notch privacy.

Freelancing requires a lot of patience and humbleness in order to step back, analyze our strategy, set goals and be self-aware enough to make things happen. It is not just a matter of developing the skillset but truly thinking as an entrepreneur, understanding the extent of the race, appreciating the journey, and working like no competitor would.

Having that said, let’s dive into one of my regular days and talk through some of the aspects you should pay attention to.

6:30 AM - I wake up very early, that might be a result of my childhood studying at the military school or just the fact that most of the people wake up about this time to go to their jobs. Anyhow, I always remember that I can literally work from anywhere and anytime, so I decide to take another nap.

 7:00 AM - While part of me is reckless and always tries to keep sleeping and procrastinating as much as possible, giving that I don’t have to have a strict agenda, years in this industry, fortunately, made me realize that businesses owners, managers and marketing teams abide by commercial hours and if I want to reach people, get clients onboard and communicate with them, I do have to wake up early. There are no shortcuts, the sooner you acknowledge that the better.

8:00 AM - After doing all that usual hygiene routine, finishing with my morning meditation, having breakfast and usually saying goodbye to my girlfriend, I check my calendar for meetings, appointment, follow-ups, prospect leads or if I just have to code. I usually use my mornings for the business side of being a freelancer. However, if I have all lined up and flowing accordingly I push some code or learn something new. Also, if you grow your personal brand to an extension that the technical and the paperwork are starting to be overwhelming, don’t hesitate to delegate some of your time-consuming tasks, it will help you to focus on the main goal and scale.

9:00 AM - Coffee time! No surprise that tech professionals have a big affection for caffeine. It is a very powerful stimulant and our jobs require energized minds. 09:00 AM is also my favorite meeting time and I always leave this slot for VIP clients.

12:00 PM - Being healthy, happy and taking strategic breaks will keep you in the game much longer than starving, overstressing and being thirsty. I do take my breaks seriously and try to have some leisure every 3-4 hours. I don’t usually sleep in the afternoons but, apart from having lunch, I do like to play some video games, listen to music or read. Recharge when you feel tired.

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Back to production. Afternoons are great for wireframing, mockups, tests, debugging, pseudocode and basically any step that demands iterations and some input or feedback from the clients. This is usually when I am the most active and reachable through emails, phone, and social media. You heard it right. Social Media is major for freelancers, is how we can raise a following, brand ourselves and establish connections beyond geographic barriers. I’ve worked with people from all over the globe thanks to Instagram. The reach that a creative person can achieve online is ridiculously immense.

6:00 PM to 9:00 PM - This is usually when I take things I little lighter. I know most of the people will be on their ways to their families or personal activities and hobbies. The main thing I do during this time is engaging with my prospects and potential clients through social media and newsletter.

10:00 PM to 2:00 AM - The day is not over for us. Nights are often quieter than mornings, which creates the perfect environment for dedicated coding hours. It is when I put most of my effort taking all my client's briefings and requirements and translate them into technical results. It what we call "being in the zone".

Whether you became a Freelancer or not, finding equilibrium and chasing your dreams should be the priorities. Never settle just doing the expected, we should never live as mediocre. We might have only this chance to make it right. What are you going to do with it?

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