8 Easy Ways To Detox From Your Smartphone

August 02, 2018 4 min read

8 Easy Ways To Detox From Your Smartphone

8 Easy Ways To Detox From Your Smartphone

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We constantly check our phones every hour of the day if not more. We scroll through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter looking at pointless posts and noise. Constantly looking at your phone is not healthy and makes you less productive and inefficient. Constantly checking your phone is an unhealthy obsession that can lead to long-term and short-term health affects. Here are some simple ways to detox from your phone and limit your usage. Give them a try and see how your life changes!

Don’t Check Your Phone First Thing in The Morning

When you check your phone first thing in the morning it robs you of your morning rituals. It also can stress you out or give you anxiety with what you missed while you were sleeping. Looking at your phone right when you wake up slows down your productivity and loses your focus with what you need to do. It is recommended to look at your phone after your morning routine and rituals are complete. For example, it would be more productive to write out what you need to do for that day, setting goals, or giving thanks. These types of morning rituals help you focus on what is important and cancels out the noise.

Put Your Phone on Silent

This is a simple one! Putting your phone on silent will make you check your phone less and will help you be more productive throughout the day. If you need your phone to answer work calls, mute your social media notifications.

Focus on The Now

Try to truly be present. Whether it is at work or hanging with friends and family, try to limit your phone usage and be with the people you are surrounded with at that point in time. Your friends and family will appreciate your undivided attention and you will appreciate your time with them more. You will be able to get more out of your time and ultimately be happier. You might even be able to start a trend with your family and friends.

Don’t Look at Social Media or Email Before Bed

This is a big one and probably the hardest! It is important that you stop looking at your phone one hour before you go to bed. This will help you get a full night’s sleep. If you wake up in the middle of the night don’t look at your phone even if you can’t fall asleep. You will get even less sleep! Trust me.

Use an Actual Alarm Clock

Smartphones have it all including an alarm clock! It is super convenient, but it makes you more inclined to sleep next to your phone which is a big no no. It also makes you more inclined to look at your notifications and scroll Facebook when you wake up. An actual alarm clock will get the job done just like your phone and will allow you to also plug your smartphone away from your bed.

Turn Off Social Media Notifications

Turning off your social media notifications will make you less inclined to check your phone every minute of the day. We now have a habit to constantly check our phones to see if have any friend requests, likes, or messages. It is habit to constantly check to want the gratifying feeling of a notification. Turn off the notifications and retrain your brain to not care or check for this. The amount of time you look at your phone will go down immensely!

Added Bonus: Delete your social media off your phone and see how much less you check your phone. Incredible, right?

Block Out Time for No Phone

Block out time for yourself to put your phone away and not use it. A good time for this would be at work, school, or when studying. You will see how your productivity and focus starts increasing. Looking at your phone gets you distracted, makes you more inclined to make avoidable mistakes at work or with homework, and ultimately slows you down. Start with even just one hour a day and see how you become more efficient and productive. Even having a no phone zone for dinner will help you interact with your family, friends, and roommates as well as truly enjoy your food! A win-win!

Use A Faraday Phone Sleeve

A Faraday Phone Sleeve blocks all signals to and from your smartphone. This means you will not be disturbed and will not be distracted by your phone. Once you take your phone out of this sleeve, you will get all your notifications, missed calls, and messages. The Faraday Phone Sleeve is perfect for when you are at work or school. This will increase your productivity and focus on what truly matters. This Faraday sleeve also protects and secures your data which gives you the ultimate peace of mind knowing your phone is secure.

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