Disconnecting During Covid-19

May 04, 2020 2 min read

Disconnecting During Covid-19

As this time of quarantine continues we are faced with the most interesting of issues. How do we break away and reset when we are not allowed to take advantage of our surrounding environment. 

Normally, as Spring transitions into Summer around the world, we are looking at how we can take advantage of the weekends. Usually, that would mean a trip to the beach, a day at an amusement park, or walking around your favorite stores. Alas, we are all forced inside.

Living in California during Covid-19 is a blessing and a curse at this time. On one hand, we have had sunny days for weeks on end, but this comes at a cost. At any other time in our lives, the beaches would be packed, parks would be open, pools would be opening up, amusement parks would be crowded, and any shopping strip would be impossible to go to. 

We are now faced with finding new ways to reset after the week is over. By now we have been sheltered in place for over a month, at least in the United States, and personally, the days are starting to run together.

Before this time we used our digital devices as enhancements to our daily lives. Aiding us in work, research, communication, and frankly as a way to zone out for a bit (Hello Instagram). However, it is important to find a balance.

It is easier than ever to be stuck scrolling through Instagram every morning and every night or watching who knows how many youtube videos on how to make the perfect omelet. 

As day trips or hanging out with friends is not in the cards right now we have chosen to reset in a new way:

  • Try using a Faraday Sleeve for your phone to redefine personal space at home. 
  • Placing your phone in a Faraday Sleeve at night, it helps improve your sleep and will let you go about your day with a fresh perspective.
  • Leave your phone at home and take a walk around the neighborhood. It's small but it will be a nice way to feel the fresh air and get some exercise.

If you're feeling completely burnt out from being at home and around our devices:

  • As soon as you're done with work, place your laptop (and work phone if you have it) in a Faraday Sleeve and focus on other aspects until the next day.
  • Leave your phone in a Faraday Sleeve for the whole weekend. It might feel weird at first but it will be nice to not constantly be checking notifications, emails, and texts. Take a walk or read a book. Connect with the more concrete technologies in your house.

This is the perfect time to read that book you've opened 50 times in the last year, to go through your family photo album, or start a home workout routine. Take this time to work on yourself, so that when this is over you can feel that you stayed productive. It will be clear who just sat and watched TV and who used this to grow when we are finally allowed back out into the world.

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Brandon L
Brandon L

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