Distracted Driving and You

July 05, 2019 2 min read

Distracted Driving and You

As we become more attached to our smartphones, Distracted Driving is on the up and up around the world. In the United States, texting and handheld calling are illegal in most states, and many states are starting to prohibit any use whatsoever. No Instagram, no music changing, no emails, etc.... Nothing. We tend to agree with this latter one as it is so easy for things to go wrong in an instant; that car in front of you stops suddenly, a semi truck comes into your lane, something runs across the road, or a tire blowout, etc.

So what can you do?

You can tell yourself that you won't pickup your phone, but with every close call when responding to a text, looking through your emails, etc. and with that quick look up only to see the car in front of you dangerously close, or someone merging into your lane. Maybe that light turned green and the closest car in front of you is almost a block down? With all of these you jump to react and you are jolting to either break in time or accelerate. After this you will tell yourself that that was close and you should not be on your phone, only to jump on minutes later when the traffic starts.

This was not the case even 10 years ago, but it has ramped up rapidly in recent years and as our smartphones have created applications that draw attention and create addictions such as Twitter, facebook, instagram, and more as most applications these days have notifications built in to them. To add on to all of this it is possible for many to work on the go, checking and answering emails, before you have even arrived in the office.

With all of these distractions, it is no wonder that many people consistently hop on their phones while they are driving.

But is not worth it.

No Calls, No Texts, No Emails, No Instagram

Anything can wait, your life and those around you is not worth it. In a moment you or any of the cars around you can be in the midst of a crash, or worse something more fatal. It is something that seems so minimal, but has the potential of such a large impact. If you do not have the self will to prevent yourself from using your phone, then look to something that has a bit more of barrier.

Our solution is to store your smartphone in a Faraday Sleeve while driving. Small enough that you can store in your glove compartment or arm rest, and can come in Nylon or Leather to match your interior. It is quick and easy to drop your phone in before your drive and then take it out when you have arrived at your destination, existing as a simple barrier to your phone. This is a great option to put yourself Off The Grid until you get to your destination.

Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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