Do you really need an Iphone?

November 30, 2019 3 min read

Do you really need an Iphone?

Each year new phones are released with new features, touch screens have replaced keys, phones are getting slimmer but longer, cameras have upgraded, charging has become wireless, there are millions of useless applications, and headphone wires are disappearing. While it may seem like the next greatest thing every year, what about going back to the basics?

Here are some alternatives we have found to your standard iPhone or Android device.

The Light Phone

This phone has a similar interface to the modern smartphone but without all of the bells and whistles. The first version was the size of a credit card and could simply make calls and store numbers, but the second has more functionality. The latest version of the Light Phone gets rid of social media, emails, or a web browser, and has plans for simplified versions of Spotify, or google maps. However, at present no simplified applications are available so the Light Phone II can sill only call or text.

If you want to add this to your daily life, you will need to put a few things into place. First off you will need to add another SIM to you plan for the phone to work off of, then you can leave your smartphone at home and all calls and texts will be pushed to the Light Phone. However, if you have an iPhone you will need to turn off imessages as those are not technically text messages. You will also need to manually add all of your contacts to the Light Phone's web interface to be used on your phone.

If you are willing to do all those extra steps than this is the right phone for you.

Punkt MP02

This phone is about as minimal as you can get. With the design reminiscent of the first "modern" early 2000's cell phones that existed before flip phones, and looks like a brick. The Punkt MP02 has 4g LTE for calling and texts and allows you to share the internet connection with any neighboring laptop or tablet. This allows you to stay focused and at the right time have the internet access to switch to your emails and other things that need to get done. Other key features of the phone are a clear display for any texts, calls or contacts, Blackberry designed security (famously what the white house requires the president to use), and a real keypad for all the needed functions, such as calling, texting, contacts, and volume. 

This phone is built strong and with minimal distractions, perfect for getting the job done at all times.


The Palm Phone takes your existing smartphone and reduces it to the size of a credit card. This phone has all the same apps that your iPhone or Android does but with a simpler interface and the possibility to enter "life mode" which gets rid of all distractions. This phone features water and dust resistance, two cameras, a gesture pad, and facial recognition. It is designed to work simultaneously with your existing phone or to replace it altogether.  


This is the newest on the market of simplified smartphones. With Blloc's ethos being that everything should be in one place. Their Android-based interface puts all news weather, music and more in one continuous timeline and sorts people by name, not application. This means that you can connect Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Slack and have conversations from one single place; cutting down on entering and exiting out of applications. This phone has a front and rear camera that rival's Apple's and even a headphone jack!

With this phone still being in the Pre-Order stage, complete functionality or interface is not known as of yet. So far the website shows a web-based client to control your phone and availability of applications such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.  and web browsers.

Take a look here to see all of these and more side by side.

Which one's right for you?

At present, there are quite a few good options for ditching your iPhone or Android phone either for a day, a weekend or completely. All of them have similar but different interfaces to allow you to hone into what you really need out of a phone. 

If you are interested in returning to the Flip Phone life, check out this listof the few companies that are still making flip phones and other basic phones in 2019

If you are not looking to jump ship from your smartphone just yet, storing your phone in a faraday sleeve when driving, at school, at work, or with family allows you to focus on whats in front of you.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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