Don't Borrow Charging Cables From Strangers

September 10, 2021 2 min read

Don't Borrow Charging Cables From Strangers

What if you found yourself at a coworking space, a coffee shop, or an airport and found out you had left your charger at home? You start asking around, and someone offers you a cable. Sounds Great right?

Until the next day when you find out that there's a new virus on your computer, and each website you visited was watched by someone else and you're now locked out of your accounts.

The Culprit? That Charging Cable you borrowed.

Be Aware of These Normal Looking Charging Cables; a hacker can collect anything you type from a mile away using a USB-C to Lightning connector with a disguised wireless keylogger.

You should know to not use any USB key into any of your devices unless you trust the person who gave it to you. However, it appears that people need to now be aware that the same rule applies to USB cables.

You'll never see a USB cable the same way again. These cables look and act like the one you got from Apple in that it charges your devices, but also can access and steal your information.

Because the WiFi hotspot can be accessed from up to a mile away, the hacker doesn't need to be close by to monitor what you're doing on your device or install payloads on your computer.

MG constructed the new cable because other specialists in the industry said it couldn't be done due to size and space constraints. There wasn't enough room inside the connecting casing on Type C Lightning cables, according to MG. By adding microscopic chips to the cables and then demonstrating that they work in a YouTube video of his cable in action.

So what can you do? Unfortunately, we've all been in that position where we found out our phone or tablet was about to die and we don't have a charger. Instead of turning to the people around you, it's safer to shell out the extra money and buy that charger from the corner store. In the long run it will be cheaper than if you had all of your personal and work information compromised.

Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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