Don't Forget About Your WiFi!

July 08, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

Don't Forget About Your WiFi!

The introduction of WiFi completely changed how we interact with technology in our own home and outside, as we were no longer tied to one area to use the internet. 

However, what many may not realize, is that because this is a) powered, b) and internet connected device, and c) broadcasting a signal to an area, these routers are pushing out Electro-Magnetic Radiation along with your wireless internet.

Wireless routers emit Low-gigahertz electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The World Health Organization considers this manufactured, artificial energy to be potentially hazardous to individuals.

Because this has become such a cornerstone of our world, few people want to properly test on the effects of EMF Radiation from devices and WiFi routers. However, if you do the research the following have been found as side effects with potential for more over the years. We have to remember that this is still a relatively new technology, and the long-term effects are really unknown.

According to Washington State University, there are more than 30 documents that link EMF radiation to cancers. As well as other serious diseases, EMF radiation has been linked to Anxiety, and Unbalanced Hormones. These big companies tend to downplay this fact and try to cover up by saying that their devices are safe.

Apply these steps in your home to protect yourself from WiFi radiations:

Check the location of your WiFi Router

Remove it from any bedrooms, kitchens, or other areas that are highly trafficked. Ideally this is in a place that is removed from places you spend a lot of time in to limit your interaction.

Create a Faraday Cage for your Router

We sell our DIY material so that users can create their own faraday options. A perfectly sealed cage will ensure that there is no Wifi and EMF radiation signals leaving your router.

Turn it off at night

Similar to above, if there is no WiFi signal being emitted, then there is no radiation going out. Choose times when you or your family needs to use the internet and turn it off afterward.

Utilizing these not only will allow you too mentally and physically feel better, but will help to create more of a barrier between our personal lives and our devices. Resulting in more time with family, friends, and doing those tasks you've been putting off.

Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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August from
August from

July 28, 2021

Yes to Turning WiFi off at night! Avoid getting close to the WiFi by using Use a WiFi Remote Kill Switch It’s important to distance yourself from the source of the radiation because that’s where the Radiation Exposure is the strongest- Here’s a link to our favorite:

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