DoorDash Application Rushed to Market

September 27, 2019 1 min read

doordash application security issues

This week it was found that another widely used phone application was seemingly rushed to market, the by product being a significant security breach.

The popular food delivery service, DoorDash, has begun to notify users of a security breach that occurred at the beginning of May, affecting any user who was registered on April 25th or earlier.

The breach is supposed to have contained a wide variety of information. Everything from email addresses and delivery address, to passwords and phone numbers, and in some cases the last four numbers of users cards. On a bigger note, the attackers took the last four digits of bank account numbers of the restaurants, and driver's license numbers of the applications delivery drivers.

At this time, DoorDash, is recommending to change their passwords. However, if you have noticed any strange activity on your cards or accounts, then we would recommend more.

Another reason that Cyber Security should be at your forefront when developing.


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