Faraday Sleeves are the must-have phone accessory for 2020

June 19, 2020 2 min read

Faraday Sleeves are the must-have phone accessory for 2020

Faraday Sleeves are the must-have phone accessory for 2020.

We now live in the world of Contact Tracing.  GPS, Cellular, and Bluetooth tracking have existed long before the Pandemic, but it has now become front of mind for many.

Silent Pocket came about as an attempt to cut the leash as we saw technology slowly taking over our lives. We thought that this was important and only increased our regard as technology has developed. While there have been many threats to Privacy, Security, and Health due to technology, the time is more important than ever to take back your control.

In our current environment governments and tech companies are starting contact tracing elements due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, Apple has made this an opt-in service but Google has automatically installed this on all phones. Furthermore, as we go through the phases of re-opening, your employer may force you to install a contact tracing application. Drop your phone in a Faraday Sleeve, and hide your location from these services as you go about your day.

As the protest continues, be weary that police and government organizations are actively deploying location tracking to monitor protestors. There are many steps you can take to give yourself privacy and security as you stand up. If you feel the need to bring your phone with you, a Faraday Sleeve is the perfect solution while you are active. Once you're safe you can pull your phone out.

Our Medium Utility Sleeve featured above is the go-to for any sized smartphone, fitting small to large with or without a large protective case.

Looking for something more streamlined? Our Standard Faraday Sleeves are sleek, elegant, durable, and designed to fit in with everyday life.

Finally, our 2.5 Liter Dry Bag allows you to carry your phone, wallet, and keys in complete Faraday Security with added waterproof protection for any elements.


Brandon L
Brandon L

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