A Simple Guide On What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Hacked

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what to do if your smartphone is hacked

A Simple Guide On What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Hacked

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We use our smartphones for just about everything. Our smartphones are pretty much integrated into our everyday life. We store extremely sensitive and personal data on our phone including contact numbers, photos, email accounts and more. What happens if someone hacking into your smartphone? Would you know if someone hacked you’re your smartphone? Would you know what to do or how to fix it?  

Luckily for you, this post is a quick breakdown that answers all these questions above. This is a simple guide on identifying if your smartphone has been hacked, removing the malware, and how to prevent this from happening to you. Be prepared and on the offense when it comes to your mobile digital security.

10 signs that your smartphone has been hacked include:

  • Your smartphone is running slower than usual
  • Your smartphone is losing battery quicker than usual
  • Your smartphone gets extremely hot when it’s not in use
  • New apps being installed and certain apps not working correctly
  • Unknown numbers called under “Recent Calls”
  • Receiving and sending strange texts not from you
  • Unable to turn your smartphone off
  • Your smartphone restarts on its own
  • Your smartphone’s data usage has dramatically increased
  • Additional pop-ups on your smartphone

You’ve identified you have been hacked! Now what?

Step 1: Change Passwords, Set Up Two-Step Authentication, & Notify Your Bank

Don’t worry, this is fixable. There are a few steps to ensure your smartphone is no longer hacked. First and foremost, it is essential you change all your passwords to all your accounts and when you can, implement a two-step authentication. It is highly recommended to call your bank to inform them about the breach. Notifying your bank will increase your security on all your bank account in case a hacker has access your financials.

Step 2: Download Anti-Malware Software

Once you have changed all your accounts' passwords and notified your bank, you should download an anti-malware software and anti-virus software. The anti-malware software will be able to locate the malware and terminate it. There are many free anti-malware software applications for Androids and iPhones. It is advised to use multiple anti-malware software from different companies to ensure the problem is in fact fixed.

Step 3: Backup All Data (Contacts, Notes, Texts, Pictures, ect.)

Next, it is recommended to backup all your smartphone’s data to your computer. This is essential, so you don’t lose important information like phone numbers, pictures, texts and more.

Step 4: Factory Reset Your Smartphone

This is the most important part. Completing a factory reset is the equivalence to starting out with a new phone. This sets your phone back to all default modes and will ensure no malware or spyware exists on your phone. All data and settings are completely removed from your smartphone. Therefore, it is essential to backup your data, so you don’t lose any data.

How To Reset Your iPhone, click here.

How To Reset Your Android, click here.

Next, we focus on how you can keep your smartphone protected and prevent this from happening!

Step 5: Download Anti-Virus App

It is highly recommended to download an anti-virus software app on your smartphone. This will help detect and stop any potential threats to your smartphone. There are many free anti-virus apps that you can utilize. There are also apps with premium that have extra features that will ensure your phone is completely protected and secure from all malware and hackers. A good anti-virus app to look into would be Lookout Mobile Security.

Step 6: Use A Faraday Phone Bag

A Faraday Phone bagwill protect your smartphone when it’s not in use. The Faraday Phone Sleeve blocks all signal to and from your smartphone including cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and RFID. A Faraday Phone Sleeve will prevent anyone or app trying to access your data, camera, microphone, or GPS location when your phone is not in use. This Faraday sleeve will give you peace of mind knowing your phone’s data and sensitive information is protected.

Step 7: Use Privacy Stickers

Webcam Stickers are your last line of defense in case someone has gained access to your camera. This simple sticker will prevent unwanted people or apps accessing your camera. These privacy stickers are easily removable and can be reused. It is a simple physical analog solution to increase your digital privacy.

It is important to take preventative measures and be cautious about your mobile privacy and security. We store so much sensitive information and data onto our smartphones whether it’s for work or personal. It is important this information does not fall into the wrong hands. As the saying goes, “it’s better to be safe than sorry.”


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