France To Develop Their Own Contact Tracing Application

April 23, 2020 2 min read

France To Develop Their Own Contact Tracing Application

In light of Google and Apple's recent announcement to create a contact tracing software to be installed in any COVID-19 (Coronavirus) facing application, France is pushing ahead on its own version.

But there's a hiccup.

With the development of this tracking application, France has asked Apple to peel back some of its Bluetooth Privacy Standards. This currently is apart of Apple's security protocol and prevents Bluetooth from constantly running in the background.

If this is peeled back by Apple, then the French Government would allow them to instill contact tracing/geofencing, tracking each citizen to see who they have come in contact with, and storing it in a central location (hello hackers?).

At present, the Google and Apple version is supposedly on an Opt-In basis, but this French version is a first at embarging on everyone's civil liberties. If Apple were to concede and pull back, this could pave the way for companies and governments the world over to start tracking without that "accept" button.

Once these digital rights begin to be infringed on, it is next to impossible to take steps backward and reestablish our privacy and security.

 Now, More Than Ever; is the time to take steps toward your personal privacy. As these companies use COVID-19 to work on software that is cutting into our privacy, security, and health. Because once this is over, we don't know what these companies will use this information for.

Act Now.

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Brandon L
Brandon L

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