Health Benefits of Keeping Your Phone Distant

April 11, 2019 2 min read

Health Benefits of Keeping Your Phone Distant

We often advocate using a Faraday Sleeve to go Off The Grid throughout the day and block EMF.

While a big focus of ours is personal privacy and cyber security, so is health in relation to EMF. So much of our lives are now centered around our smartphones and we want to advocate disconnecting with a Faraday bag. 

Free time at home used to be spent reading a book, magazine, or newspaper that you had been looking forward to, or maybe this was spent making that early morning cup of coffee or tea and sitting outside? Regardless, this has largely been replaced by scrolling through our smart phones on Instagram, email, Facebook, youtube, etc. and we have become centered around constantly checking for that next dopamine hit.

For many the first instinct when waking up, being on our lunch break, getting out of school, going to the bathroom, getting off of work, leaving the doctors, and many other times has been to check our phones for whatever happened during our brief "hiatus" from our phones. 

But guess what

All those emails, photos, and more are still going to be there regardless of how fast you look at your phone. 

So step away and put your phone in a faraday bag unless you really need to make that call. Check those emails at work or on your computer, and do you really need to watch that youtube video of a cat right now? 

Make a scheduled time throughout your day when you take a break to look at your social media, and other times keep it away. Keeping your phone away in a faraday bag will come with many benefits. It may seem difficult at first but over time you will feel a new found freedom from your device. 

Remember, who's in charge here?

Not convinced?

Keeping your phone by your side while sleeping at night is shown to disrupt what was once normal patterns. The constants sounds, lights and notifications are there to encourage a response, which at two in the morning should not be your main concern.

Your smartphone is constantly emitting radiation and this can harmful effects on your body over time. The constant energy being sent out and received by your phone can be limited through keeping it away in a faraday bag. If you would like to learn more about EMF radiation and how to limit it, check out this guide by TechWellness.

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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