Holiday Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses, & Clients

December 11, 2017 3 min read

Holiday Gifts for Coworkers, Bosses, & Clients

Looking for Christmas gifts for your coworkers, boss, and clients can be a daunting task. It's always hard finding the perfect gift, but look no further Silent Pocket offers the perfect gifts for your coworkers, boss, and clients. Give the gift of style, security, and peace of mind. Silent Pocket products are unique and something that your coworkers will actually appreciate and benefit from. We put together a list of products that everyone on your gift list will love! 

Faraday Laptop Sleeve - $99.95

Faraday Laptop Sleeve by Silent Pocket

The Faraday Laptop Sleeve is perfect for a coworker or client who travels in and out of the office and works extensively on their laptop. This would be perfect for their work laptop. Silent Pocket’s faraday laptop sleeve prevents security breaches and protects all confidential data on the laptop. This faraday sleeve instantly blocks all wireless signal to your laptop and will enhance your daily privacy, security, and all valuable data stored on your laptop.


Signal Shield RFID Protection Card - $9.95

Signal Shielding RFID Protection Card by Silent Pocket

The Signal Shield  RFID Protection Card is perfect if you have an abundance of clients or coworkers. The Signal Shield RFID Protection Card is as simple as it gets and everyone can use it/benefit from it. This gift is a great idea if you are working with a budget. Simple RFID protection and simple design to carry as a minimalist wallet with elastic band or add to any non-secure wallet. Simply add RFID protection to your existing wallet at. The protection card provides instant security for anything with an RFID chip.


RFID Secure Guard Sleeve - $14.95

RFID Secure Card Sleeve by Silent Pocket

Similar to the Signal Shield RFID Protection Card, the RFID Secure Guard Sleeve is an awesome gift for all your coworkers and clients. The card guard comes in a pack of 5, so this is great if you are looking to buy in bulk. The Card Guard is an individual sleeve that blocks RFID and NFC for one credit card, ID or smart card. This guard is ideal for those wanting to add RFID security to any wallet or purse. The card guard is lightweight, smooth matte finish, and water resistant.


Simple Passport Wallet - $59.95

Simple RFID Blocking Passport Wallet by Silent Pocket

The Simple Passport Wallet is a great gift for coworkers or clients who frequently travel domestically and internationally. This gift would be appreciated and frequently used. Designed with the savvy traveler in mind, we focused on a minimal layout with two angled passport sleeves, real cow leather and the added benefit of RFID security. Give the gift of ultimate peace of mind.


Key Fob Guard - $29.95

Key Fob Guard by Silent Pocket

Does your boss, client or coworker have a nice car? The Key Fob Guard would be the perfect gift for all car enthusiasts or people looking for extra protection for their car. This guard protects from all keyless car crimes. The Key Fob Guard is a privacy and security case for your key fob or keyless entry fob. It is a single sleeve that blocks the wireless connection from your key fob to your car. 

Give the gift of style, security, and peace of mind this holiday season. Silent Pocket is the perfect work gift that is designed with fashion, utility and durability in mind. Our products give any phone, tablet or computer instant privacy and security and is designed to seamlessly integrate with the devices you use on a daily basis.  Give your coworkers, boss, and clients something they would actually use and appreciate. Happy holidays!

Amanda Fitzjerrells
Amanda Fitzjerrells

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