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How often do you carry a laptop with you?

August 09, 2019 1 min read

How often do you carry a laptop with you?

Once, twice a week? Maybe Everyday?

It has become common practice to use a laptop sleeve to protect it while in your bag or backpack. This is noticeable any time you go to the airport and you hear the consistent unzipping of a backpack, and then the laptop sleeve. While sometimes people use a simple neoprene sleeve, other times they use a well made leather one. 

But why not have more?

Sleek, Elegant, Well Made, Leather, Nylon, Faraday Security.

You combine those words and you get our Laptop Faraday Sleeve. With laptop sleeves becoming commonly used in our everyday world, we wanted to make something that is at or better than the quality of those around us and with our Patented Faraday Lining. 

As more and more applications and website use location services, you don't know whats out there. A Faraday Sleeve will allow your data, location and more to stay yours outside of use.

Pull out this sleekleather orwaterproof nylon sleeve and you'll be at the envy of anyone around you.

Just drop in and go, your laptop will be instantly secure.



Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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