How to live with a smartphone after age 65

December 05, 2019 5 min read

How to live with a smartphone after age 65

You may not know what any of the new phones are called and that is okay. I can't name one song by Van Halen, so let's call it even.

I will stick with what I know, cellphones. Getting a smartphone can be a bit intimidating and you may be reluctant to do so, but they are more simple than you think. If a 6-year-old can play on an iPad then I guarantee you can use your smartphone properly.

Whether you are on the verge or in the middle of the full retirement age, a cell phone can benefit you. You have likely been doing research on which device to get, but the articles you read haven't told you about the protection you need for it though. When purchasing an electronic device you need to compare it to a house and ask yourself one question, would you buy a house with no locks?

Of course, you wouldn't. But when you purchase a phone you are essentially buying a house with no locks. You could even go onto say the windows can’t close.

With modern-day advances come modern-day thefts. Thieves no longer need to break into your home or steal your wallet, they just need access to your cell phone. Gaining access to your electronic device is easier than you may believe.

Modern-day cellphones are able to connect to any accessible WiFi, allowing you to save your data and have the phone operate faster at times. All these phones have one secret that thieves do not want you to know about.

Unsecured WiFi networks

These specific WiFi networks can be accessed by hackers. An unsecured WiFi network is what you connect to while at a diner, coffee shop, or airport. These WiFi networks likely do not have any security measures in place. Allowing any technologically savvy individual to gain access to your phone and the private content it holds. How is this all possible?

Because of,you

You acknowledged this risk when you clickedAccept & Connect to gain access. These will often ask for an email. Putting your email up for anyone to get. Which opens a window for a thief. They know this and target these areas specifically. 

Cellphones need more than what is in the app store.

Electronic device education is needed to truly understand how unsafe it is to have a phone and no protection. When the right education is given one can see how to easily protect against electronic burglaries. We store all of our personal data on these devices, which means that our identity can easily be stolen. 

Afaraday bag can protect from incoming signals that can track your device and connect to it. These bags also help briefly you disconnect from all of this as well.

In modern-day society, just about everyone needs a cellphone. They have become useful tools for everyone, including senior citizens. Phones like the Samsung galaxy or new iPhone have cameras on them that will ease your mind the next time your significant other forgets the camera.

The benefits of a cellphone outweigh the negatives. But it is naive to not acknowledge the negative aspects of cell phone. The paradoxical problem with them is that it can store everything. Bank accounts, photos, emails, texts, even your grocery list. Personal information can even be obtained because of Bluetooth, which all phones come with.

A trend among thieves is to useBluetooth scanners to locate your electronic devices, like a laptop or you simply accidentally leaving your phone in the car, just opened a window of access. This means your car parked outside can now show if it has something of value in it. With these scanners, they can bypass your wallet or cash in the glove compartment, and get the device they are looking for, even if it is hidden under your seat. 

The devices we use are expensive but the info on them is the more coveted item during a burglary.

The most advanced phones currently out aren't winning this fight either. Even with the latest google pixel, Samsung Galaxy, or iPhone, there is an access point for thieves.

While the risk of getting your electronic credit card stolen has become an obvious risk itself, these devices come with another danger.

EMF Radiation

We originally thought this about TVs, "don't stand so close to it, it'll fry your brain". Well, from the device that sits in your pocket the majority of the day, that can happen. Cell phones come with a lot of health problems if you are not properly protected from them. 

Your cellphone constantly gives off types of radiation like EMF (electric-magnetic field) Radiation. This is comparable to how an automobile gives off carbon dioxide from its exhaust. 

At 65 years old, or any age really; you want to protect yourself from these dangers

If you are curious about the specificities and harms of EMF you can read morehere. Which describes the dangers of the radiation and the protection a faraday bag provides against it. 

Essentially the World Health Organization labeled cell phones as a possible carcinogen. Meaning that the phone can impact your health by just by being on if you are unprotected. 

In a simpler world, we could just turn the device off. Yet turning the phone off defeats the connectedness a cell phone creates. So turning off your phone, yes would solve the issue, but then you don't have a phone. You have an expensive pocket weight.

Yet there are ways around this issue where you can leave the power on while protecting yourself and your identity. 

Senior centers and any neighborhood with an elderly general population should consider a sleeve to block the signal from thieves.  Criminals take over $36 billion from seniors everyyear. These can be targeted because the demographic typically as they don't have security features for their electronic devices.

Owning a smartphone is great, but that, of course, comes with great responsibility. You can't know everything a hacker is capable of doing. Unfortunately, the way we learn what hackers do is by them doing it to many people before we can learn how the hackers took advantage of the system.  Society as a whole then catches on, hopefully before your information has been stolen and your bank account drained.

Despite whether you have an android phone, iPhone, or the galaxy s10, a security measure is needed. Silent Pocket has known this for a while. They have provided electronic devices from the average person to the US government. 

If your house had no locks, you would install some. Do the same for your cellphone.

-Garrett Mullennix


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