How to Stay Healthy and Happy at Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

March 25, 2020 4 min read

How to Stay Healthy and Happy at Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Friend of Silent Pocket and Collaborator, August of Tech Wellness gave us a handful of tips to practice while we are staying inside at this time. August and Tech Wellness are the best when it comes to knowledge of Health and Safety in the age of digital devices and we are thankful for their insights.

August Brice, Tech Wellness - California, USA

From the beginning, I have prided myself on staying away from fear-driven content and instead focusing on science-backed, truth-filled and empowering information to help you live the healthiest and most peace-filled life possible.

As we walk through this coronavirus Covid-19 season together, this is more important than ever. That's why I've compiled some prevalent information from my most trusted sources to ensure you all are equipped to stay healthy and full of hope with whatever comes our way.

1.  WASH YOUR PHONE like you wash your hands to avoid spreading germs!
First and foremost, you’ll most likely be using your smartphone even more than ever.  Remember, it’s likely the FILTHIEST thing you own!

We recently posted a deep dive look at why your phone might just be the filthiest object you own...18x times dirtier than a men's public bathroom. Can you say YUCK! The funny thing is,  87% of Americans clean their hands after using the toilet but 84.5% of Americans DON’T clean their phones….🤔 ⠀

Living as organic and natural as possible, I like to use Herban Essentials natural essential oil wipes. They're yummy. They smell fabulous and fresh. Made from and aromatic, aromatherapeutic, germ-killing essential oils, I feel even better about keeping my phone clean. I've been using them daily for years and my phone's fine.

While I am usually all-natural all the time, with the coronavirus I'm making some exceptions and going a step further with my devices and whole-house cleaning.

Coronavirus on your phone!

The Journal of Hospital Infections published a study into specifically eliminating coronavirus or H-Cov from different surfaces. They showed that the coronavirus can last up to 9 days on various things depending on what they're made of from wood, to metal to plastic. 

Coronavirus was "persistent" or "active" as two new research studies noted for up to 9 days. One that looked at it specifically on surfaces and the other that measured the virus in "aerosols" or basically how long it could last if it were airborne.

The point is, this coronavirus can remain alive for a very long time and lower temperatures make it last longer as does more humidity.

OBVIOUSLY, the same goes for keyboards, tablets and anything else you’re touching continually.

2.  FOR THOSE LONG, working from home conference calls, block EMF radiation with air tube headsets.

Anticipating hours and hours of calls? Definitely don't put the phone up to your precious brain! Instead, block the EMF radiation with Tauki Airtube Headsets. Ahh much better! I hate it when I see people in media and in real life with their smartphones pressed against their heads! Even Apple, in it’s manual for the iPhone, urges us to keep the phone at least 5cm from our heads. In my tests, I’m more comfortable with 12-18 inches—that’s about where the radiation levels dissipate.  Even though no one really talks about it in the U.S., there are over 30 years of studies proving without a doubt that these “information-carrying radio waves” do have a biological effect on our bodies. What that really means is different for everyone. But people like me, who are sensitive to it, can really FEEL the EMF—and it’s not pleasant. So remember what I always say 
“Distance is your friend” when it comes to your smartphone.  

3.  IF POSSIBLE, WIRE UP your tech, don’t rely on WiFi.

At my home, we have a single WiFi that we use in case of an emergency.  Otherwise, we are completely wired with ethernet cables to all our devices, even our phones.  And you know what? It’s great. Your phone has never been so fast as when it’s wired to the Internet. The same goes for laptops and tablets. We have the connectors to allow you to easily do this at


Now is the time to resist the impulse to be listening to the news and all kinds of other inputs ALL THE TIME. Make sure your bedroom is a place of healthy respite.  And by that, I mean no phones, no TV no outside input of any kind. When we built our home a few years ago, we didn’t even wire the master bedroom for television.  The A/V guys scratched their heads, but we now have that place where there are no other outside influences that makes our lives and our relationship—better.

5.  USE A FARADAY CASE to make sure that your business STAYS your business.

People who know, understand that the only real way to ensure that your phone isn’t hacked—and is completely free from EMF’s—is when it’s safely tucked away in a Faraday bag. We use them all the time. In fact, we urge people in our office to slip their phones into a bag while they’re at work. It’s safer and removes the distraction of having your phone pinging you constantly. We feature the Silent Pocket line and we’ve even done a trendy “collab” with them to create our August line, which includes versions of a Vegan Leather Bag, as well as our new crossbody case, which carries credit cards and your headsets too.

There is a long list of use cases for Faraday Sleeves, Bags, and Cases in your home environment. Think about it? How else do you put a device out of sight and out of mind? When it comes to mixing business with pleasure find the time to draw the line and take the easy steps to make your home a sanctuary of productivity and rest.

Faraday Sleeves


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