6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Digital Security

July 06, 2018 3 min read

6 Easy Ways To Increase Your Digital Security

It is extremely important to protect your sensitive data and personal information stored on your laptops, mobile phones, and other electronics. Here are a few physical and digital analog solutions to increase your digital security and ensure your information stays protected. 

1. Faraday Cage Sleeve Collection

Faraday Phone Sleeve By Silent PocketThe Faraday Cage Sleeve Collection is essential for all your small to medium sized electronics including your mobile phone and iPad. These Faraday cage sleeves instantly blocks all signals to and from your device. When your mobile device is placed in this sleeve, it ensures no one will be able to access to your device’s sensitive data, GPS location, microphone, and camera. This is a great physical analog solution to keeping your devices secured while not in use.

2. Faraday Laptop Sleeve

Faraday Laptop Sleeve By Silent PocketThe Faraday Laptop Sleeveinstantly enhances your digital security and privacy. This laptop sleeve is a great additional layer of security. Everyone can benefit from a Faraday Laptop Sleeve especially for individuals who store sensitive data on their laptop including work and client information. This sleeve ensures no one can access your laptop’s microphone, camera, and data. This Faraday Laptop Sleeve will give you peace of mind when your laptop is not in use.

3. VPN

A VPN is crucial when you are connected to unsecured networks. A VPN gives you the ability to access a private network while connected to an unsecured network such as a coffee shop’s Wi-Fi. Using a VPN, lets you securely surf the internet, send and access sensitive data, and process financial transactions in a public setting. A VPN is an easy way to increase your digital security when traveling and working in public settings.

4. Passwords & Two-Step Authentication

Passwords are a must on all your mobile devices including your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Setting up challenging and intricate passwords will increase your digital security and is the first line of defense on protecting your electronic devices. It is important to change your passwords every 6 months. A two-step authentication is an additional layer of security. This type of added security makes you double verify your account. This is a precaution in case some is able to gain access into your account.

5. Secure Browser

It is a good idea to use secure browsers like Firefox or Tor. These browsers are open source software which means it was developed in a collaborative setting and the source code is available to the public. Open source coding gives the public the option to audit and ensure the code has no vulnerabilities to security issues. Secure browsers will not only increase your digital security but also increase your online privacy. Secure browsers prevent companies from collecting and sharing your data and trying to advertise directly to you.

6. Privacy Stickers

Privacy Stickers By Silent PocketPrivacy stickers are a quick and easy way to ensure no one has access to your electronic devices’ video camera. Privacy stickers will give you peace of mind knowing no one has the ability to watch you. These privacy stickers are perfect for your mobile phone, laptop, tablets, and computers. Privacy stickers are an easy way to increase your digital privacy.



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Amanda Fitzjerrells
Amanda Fitzjerrells

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