Tips to increase your cell signal

June 15, 2018 3 min read

increase cell phone reception

Guest Author: Joe Humphries

Smartphones are currently being used to do far more than just calling. We use them to check and send emails, text message, watch videos, browse the internet and use different apps that depend on the cell signal to function. The important point is to remember that we need to have a good cell phone reception throughout the day and night, anywhere we are to benefit from the full functionality of our cell phones.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite different from the ideal situation, and this usually brings about a lot of frustrations. Nowadays, we not only have phones that use the cell network, but we also have laptops and tablets that take advantage of the cell phone network.

The causes of poor cell reception:

Once you understand the causes of bad signal, you will be able to solve the issues more easily. There are three main causes for poor cell reception:

1. If you are in a rural area, there might be very few cell towers that cover the area. Nothing much can be done to resolve this situation apart from going to an area where there is a better phone reception.

2. The cell signal quality is dependent on there being no interference between the cell tower and the phone. If there are more buildings, the buildings can make the cell signal weak, and in some cases, the signal would completely disappear.

3. The cell signal also depends on the number of people who are using the cell tower’s signal at the same time. For a typical cell tower, one can handle a few thousand cell phones at a go. If the load rises to tens of thousands, it will not be able to cope, and it will cause either a complete cell signal blackout or poor cell phone service connection. This is common in graduation ceremonies and other large events like concerts. With that being the case, we are going to look at some tips on how you can boost your cell phone reception.

Tips to improve the reception of your phone signal

Remove your phone case
You might improve the signal on your phone by removing the case. It is possible that your cover can prevent your phone from receiving the network signal because the internal antenna is being blocked. 

Move from obstructions
Structures like buildings can block cell signals, to improve the connection, going outside might help. When you are in an open space, you will easily get a connection.

Use WiFi
All smartphones can make WiFi calls or send text, and the big U.S cell carriers support this capability. There are numerous apps that can allow you to make audio or video calls. If you have bad cell reception, and you can access a WiFi coverage that is strong, then switch to WiFi and continue your conversation.

Switch between 2G, 3G, and 4G
Different networks have different strengths at the same location. You can try to switch between different networks to check the one that works best. How to carry out the switching is different when it comes to different cell carriers and the type of phone. But ideally, you will go to Settings/Networks, and this is the place where you can choose the kind of cell-network you want to try.

Identify the closest tower
If you know the location of the nearest tower, you will easily identify where to check for a good cell signal connection. You will easily get close to the tower where a good signal will eventually appear. If you are outside a building, try to move to a place where you can see no obstruction between the cell tower and yourself. There are multiple sites to locate the closest tower.

 Joe Humphries is a contributing writer and media specialist for Sunsight Instruments. He regularly writes for blogs on the sake of antennas for our future.

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