Is Bitcoin the Next Gold Rush?

January 14, 2021 2 min read

Is Bitcoin the Next Gold Rush?

No doubt you've seen the headlines this last week which read that 1 bitcoin is now equal to over $30 Thousand US Dollars (and growing!).

bitcoin current value

Bitcoin has historically risen and fallen dramatically since the first big rise in 2017, at the beginning of the year it slowly inched over the $1,000 mark to end the year at $20,000.

The first big rise of bitcoin made many realize that they no longer had the password to accounts they had made when they were curious and it was worth nothing. This is especially easy because the number associated is a long group of numbers that by being just one number off could end in nothing.

This is what happened to a few early adopters, the most widely known story as of late is a San Franciscan who is said to have an external crypto wallet with upwards of 7,002 Bitcoins worth $220 Million Dollars, a life changing amount.

Other stories include an early Bitcoin Miner who has multiple hard drives that are locked by unknown passwords, and an entrepreneur that lost a laptop worth $25 Billion but was still able to recoup his losses and buy a 100 acre plot of oceanfront land.

These cases of lost passwords have spawned companies to create digital wallets with easier access to their accounts. One such company, CASA, offers a handful of solutions to this problem. First off by offering a free mobile wallet to any that allows you to store and buy bitcoin with ease. But how do you protect your digital wallet when it exists on a smartphone or other device that can be accessed through cellular, wifi, and bluetooth signals?

This is where CASA shines with their MultiSig services. The Three Tiered Services allow the user to take their private key, not unlike the ones your bank use to make transactions and transfer money, and diversify its location. This allows you safety in knowing that your bitcoin is not in one centralized location, and furthermore that if any one piece of the puzzle is compromised; you will still have access.

If you have an existing standalone crypto wallet, have bought one, or use a separate phone or laptop; our Faraday Sleeves offer an extra source of security. Preventing against any bluetooth tracking, electromagnetic radiation, or any future EMP blast.

Blocking all signals so that you can access your investment again.

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