Is your phone as safe as you think it is?

February 07, 2019 1 min read

privacy sticker and iphone

Recently this past week, two big security concerns were discovered around Apple's iPhone. These concerns revolve around Apple's facetime and screen recordings via the companies behind applications.

It is reported that a 14 year old kid found a bug in the ever so popular Facetime application that allowed you to join a call and then force another person to answer it. When Apple was looking into this they found another undisclosed security concern. So if you have an iPhone and were prompted for an update, now you know why. Just another reason we recommend putting privacy stickers on your smartphones, tablets and laptops in this day and age.

Additionally, it was found that applications are found to be recording your iPhone screen while the app is in use and replaying it later without your knowledge. Apple is said that they prohibit this in their terms of use and will be requiring that these applications change this or let the users know their information is being used. 

Make sure to check your sharing settings of the apps on your phone and using a Faraday Sleeve while not in use.

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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