Keeping your info safe online is easier than you think

January 10, 2018 3 min read

Keeping your info safe online is easier than you think

You hear it everyday: you’re not safe online; your data is at risk; don’t use public WiFi; Yahoo was hacked; LinkedIn was hacked; Target was hacked. Basically any big company has either been hacked and we know it, has been hacked and the info is yet to be made public, or hasn’t been hacked and we’re all wondering when its turn is.

Faced with constant warnings and cautionary tales, it seems there’s nothing we can do because it’s going to happen to us anyway. Or because protecting ourselves against these online threats sounds like we would first need to spend a few years getting a degree in computer science.

Well, not quite.

Maybe you’ve heard the acronym VPN being thrown around every time there’s a new hack. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it’s basically an encrypted tunnel between your computer and the internet, which makes sure your info, conversation, files etc are protected from prying eyes, whether that’s hackers, your Internet Service Provider or your government.

Historically, VPNs have come in the form of software, but we thought we could make it even better and safer. For us, that meant hardware and that’s how theKeezelwas born.

internet security by Keezel

But what makes the Keezel different from traditional software VPN solutions?

  • with the Keezel you don’t have to install anything or configure any software on each device you want to protect. All you need to do is connect that device to the Keezel and the job is done. This saves you the hassle of getting a VPN set up on your laptop, tablet, phone etc.
  • the Keezel can also protect Internet of Things gadgets and screenless media streamers, on which you cannot install software VPN
  • with the Keezel, your device is never connected to the internet without an encrypted connection. Regular VPN software solutions always bear a risk of information leakage in a side channel before the encrypted connection is established.
  • the Keezel also offers ad-blocking, an anti-phishing filter and soon network scanning
  • with Keezel to Keezel you can pair two Keezels together and (for example) leave one at home and take the other one with you when travelling so that even when you’re abroad, you’ll be able to access content that is only available in your country
  • Keezel separates customers’ personal details from data usage, which offers you an extra layer of security. We don’t know what you do online and our VPN partners don’t know who you are nor what you’re doing online, they just see you as regularly refreshed “Keezel IDs” using server X in country Y.
  • you can connect the Keezel to a new WiFi network (like in a hotel) and then connect all your devices to the Keezel so that they’ll all have internet without you having to get extra hotel vouchers / details for each separate device.
  • the Keezel has a 8000+ mAh battery that you can use to charge your phone or tablet

internet encryption device by Keezel

As for how the Keezel protects your devices & sensitive info:

  • By encrypting your internet connection and securing all the data travelling from your devices to the web
  • So you can keep using all that free WiFi without risking getting your passwords, credit card details, or even identity stolen
  • By blocking access to known malicious websites
  • So if you click a link that’s trying to infect your device or send you to a fake website, the Keezel will simply deny access
  • By blocking ads
  • So you’re not followed around wherever you go on the web by ads for that one product you checked out months ago
  • By replacing your public IP with a random one that can’t be traced back to you or your devices
  • So your Internet Service Provider, network admin, or even government won’t be able to monitor what you do online
  • By letting you access your home network and country-restricted services from anywhere, anytime
  • So you can watch or listen to your favorite programs when you’re travelling abroad
  • By unblocking websites
  • So you can access your local services from anywhere in the world
  •  By protecting all your WiFi IoT devices
  • So you don’t end up with an infected or hacked home network that puts every gadget you own at risk

Pretty powerful for a device that fits in your pocket, right?

For more information on Keezel, check out Keezel!

Guest Author: Friso Schmid, Co-Founder of 


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