Key Fob Security, Not Just For Home.

November 13, 2020 2 min read

Key Fob Security, Not Just For Home.

Vehicle Security is one of the pillars that Silent Pocket stands on.

For a long time we have stated that a Faraday Bag for Your Keys is an essential item for home, allowing complete peace of mind at night while you sleep.

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and going to leave for work but your car isn't there? 

It used to be common to see broken glass at the scene of the crime, but now you'd be lucky to see that. The truth is that with modern advancements in technology, Keyless Entry and Keyless start vehicles are as susceptible as ever.

Thieves are now able to use a backpack full of gear that resembles some wires and a wand to break into one of you most valuable investments.

This small little bag, allows complete security when you need it most, and then some.

At Silent Pocket, we are personal adopters of an active and outdoor lifestyle and wanted to share some of the other use cases that we have found for the Key Fob Guard outside of the home.

The Magnetic Key Fob Guard is a must for any situation that you do not want to actively carry your keys, but still need to know that theres a way into your car when you're done with your activity.

Surfing and going to the beach is one of our favorite past times and this allows us the freedom to drive there lock our car, stash our keys, and then be at the beach with complete peace of mind.

None of that searching for a place to hide your keys on the beach, or hoping that someone doesn't run off with your shoes while you're out in the water.

Instead, know that when you get back to your car:

1) It's still there.

2) Your Keys are Safe and Secure.

3) How easy your beach day was when you didn't have to think about your keys.

This process is easily adapted too much more than a beach day.

Hiking is up there with the beach for us and sometimes you don't want to carry a bag with you, and frankly hiking with keys in your pants or shorts is just not very fun.

The possibilities are quite endless, day on the snow? Walking around town? Going for a quick drink and don't want to carry any extra items?

Just Drop Your Keys in and Continue with Complete Peace of Mind.

Optimized for all car manufactures with our Multishield™ Faraday Shielding, and finished with high quality materials.

We love to see use cases that we haven't thought of before!

If you have any give us a shout.

Brandon L
Brandon L

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