How Mobile Will Continue to Keep Consumers Connected in 2018

May 16, 2018 3 min read

How Mobile Will Continue to Keep Consumers Connected in 2018

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Guest Author: Peter Ellis

It's undeniable how much mobile phones have changed how we stay connected with one another. No matter the distance or time, reaching out to anybody in the world has become an everyday convenience. As many of us are only a few swipes away from getting online, we stay connected through our mobile phone the majority of the time. Here on Silent Pocket,we've previously featured an article which discussed tips on how to take a step back from technology from time to time. However, taking a break from your phone may be a feat easier said than done, as staying connected has already been deeply ingrained in our everyday habits, now more than ever.

Last year's numbers on Internet penetration reveal that broadband technology and telecommunication network infrastructure among different regions in the world have been expanding unlike ever before. Statista reports that while the global average penetration rate was 51%, Western Europe ranks second in the whole world with 87 %. This reiterates the simple fact that people are constantly on their phones and accessing the Internet is now much easier than ever before because of smartphones. 

Additionally, the mobile market is a highly lucrative industry and there seems to be no ceiling as far as how far it could expand. When you look at its various fields, the mobile market offers consumers many connectivity opportunities. As far as retail goes, there are a ton of mobile applications that allow consumers to make online purchases with even greater ease and access. Forbes reports that retailer apps grew by 20% during the first six months of last year. Moreover, the app developers boosted engagement by a significant 88% through push notifications. The same Forbes report also notes that there are approximately 3 million apps available in Google Play and a little less in iOS. While many retailers are helping consumers through online services, they still have that challenge of both staying relevant and maintaining customer engagement.

Mobile phones have also become portable gaming hubs that allow players to be connected 24/7. The most exciting technologies have found a way to integrate with mobile phones. Case in point: Mobile VR. In 2016, Venture Beatunderscored that mobile VR hit a record of $861million (€701 million) in revenues. Between the recent development of mobile-friendly headsets like Google Dream, Samsung Gear VR, and HTC Vive Pro, it certainly wouldn't be surprising to predict record revenue numbers in 2018.

Over in the world of mobile gaming, online games have changed consumer habits. The Metroclaims that mobile games have generated £995 million (€1.126 billion) in 2016. When it comes to digital and online mobile games, it's also interesting to note that revenues have reached up to £1.22 billion (€1.386 billion). A key contributor to these numbers is the online entertainment gaming industry. Gaming Realms, a leading mobile gaming company, emphasizes that 80% of their audience use their mobile devices for gaming. Gaming Realms have responded to this shift in consumer habits through their premier platform Slingo, which offers an array of mobile-compatible games with many of their titles based on popular television or film franchises that engage a wide range of interests. This is proof that consumers are preferring to play on their phone than physically visit traditional gaming outlets. 

About Our Guest Author:

Peter Ellis is a tech writer with over ten years experience in mobile communications. He has written for numerous publications on the future of communication, and tries to keep his readers up-to-date with the latest trends. In his spare time he reviews apps.

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