Mother's Day Gift Guide 2018: Give The Gift of Peace of Mind

April 30, 2018 4 min read

Silent Pocket's Mother Day Gift Guide

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As most of you know, Mother’s Day is coming right around the corner. Not sure what to get your mom? Silent Pocket has some great privacy and security gifts for your mom. Show your mom you truly care about her with our unique gift ideas that will give her everyday security and privacy. Give your mom the gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day.

Carryall Clutch $69.95

Carryall Clutch By Silent PocketThe Carryall Clutchis the perfect gift for your mom. This clutch can be integrated into her everyday life or can be used for extra protection when traveling. This Carryall Clutch has an internal compartment equipped with six card slots and plenty of extra room for cash, keys, and small documents like passports. This clutch has RFID shielding and gives instant security to all cards with a RFID chip, passports, and licenses. Our clutch is made of top grain leather, so it’s built to last for years to come. This will give your mom the ultimate peace of mind when traveling the world or running errands.

Dimensions: 9.8 x 5.1 in

Faraday Laptop Sleeve $99.95

Faraday Laptop Sleeve By Silent PocketThe Faraday Laptop Sleevewill instantly enhance your mom’s overall daily privacy and security. This laptop sleeve is the best physical and digital protection. Our laptop sleeve is made of durable woven nylon with our internal patented Faraday cage system. This laptop sleeve instantly blocks all signals to and from your mom’s laptop. This is the perfect everyday accessory that is easily integrated into your mom’s everyday life and will enhance her privacy. Help your mom become unhackable, untraceable, and undetectable.

Dimensions: 11 x 16 in (Designed for 15" laptop)

Key Fob Guard $19.95

Key Fob Guard By Silent PocketDoes your mom have a car with a keyless entry system? Show her you care about her and her beautiful car with the gift of our Key Fob Guard. Our Key Fob Guard instantly blocks all signal to and from your key fob. This will ensure no one will be able to mimic your key’s signal to obtain access to get into your car and start it. We offer our Key Fob Guards in a wide range of colors, so you will be able to find one that matches your mom’s style! This innovative gift will help your mom sleep soundly at night! Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.0 in 



Faraday Phone Sleeve $69.95

Faraday Phone Sleeve By Silent PocketThe Faraday Phone Sleeve is a great gift for your mom regardless of what smartphone she has! This phone sleeve is designed for a large smartphone and is easy to get your phone in and out of.  The Faraday Phone Sleeve will instantly block all signals to and from your phone including cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS tracking. Silent Pocket’s phone sleeve will secure all your mom’s private information and data stored on her phone. The Faraday Phone Sleeve will protect and secure your mom’s location and will ensure no one can track her via her phone. Give your mom peace of mind knowing her phone is safe and secure.                                                                                                                                 Internal Dimensions: 7.5" x 4.25"


Traditional Passport Wallet $59.95

Traditional Passport Wallet By Silent PocketIs your mom a world class traveler? Is she hitting Mexico for a summer getaway? Send her off in style and security with the Traditional Passport Wallet.This passport wallet is designed with a minimal layout and added benefit of RFID security. The Traditional Passport Wallet is designed with an angled passport sleeve and four cards slots. This sleek wallet will make traveling stress-free and more enjoyable!

RFID Secure Card Guard Sleeve $14.95

RFID Secure Card Guard By Silent PocketThe RFID Secure Card Guard Sleeve is an individual sleeve that blocks RFID for one credit card, license, or smart card. The Card Guard comes in a pack of five. This secure card guard is perfect for your mom who absolutely loves her wallet and doesn’t want to sacrifice style for security. This pack of five will instantly secure all her cards and are convenient to store your cards in. Give your mom peace of mind knowing her cards are protected from skimming and hacking.

Privacy Stickers - $9.95

Privacy StickersDoes your mom surf the web on her iPad? Or does she work from her home computer? Get your mom Privacy Stickers for Mother’s Day. These stickers are placed on the cameras of any electronic device including laptops, computers, tablets, and phones. This will give your mom instant privacy and peace of mind knowing no one can watch her. Show your mom some love by blocking out all the creeps!

Silent Pocket’s product line was designed to integrate with your everyday accessories. Our products are designed to enhance your overall privacy and security. Give your mom the ability to control her digital footprint and have the option to secure her digital information. Give your mom the gift of peace of mind this Mother’s Day!

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