Introducing Pete Biggam and Blacksite Solutions

February 27, 2021 3 min read 1 Comment

Introducing Pete Biggam and Blacksite Solutions

Pete Biggam, CEO of Blacksite Solutions, has created a comprehensive end-to-end security system that can establish everything from intelligence, to personal service, to tactical training. They created a system that allows you to work in conjunction, to create the most secure system for yourself or company that there can be. Blacksite Solutions offers a variety of options for the individual or a bigger company. We are honored to be working with them and Pete himself sent over some of his best tips:

If you're reading this post, you've probably made the decision to purchase one or moreSilent Pocketproducts. Smart! The first thing to do when you want to secure your home is to make sure that the door is locked. However, (using this analogy) a home is vulnerable in various ways. Depending on the sophistication of the potential intruder, there are some small, then increasingly larger steps that you can consider. There is no such thing as 100% protection; but you can make yourself a difficult target. Studies have shown that just putting a sign from an alarm company on your lawn will cause as many as 80% of burglars to just move on to a neighbor. There are so many easy targets out there; just by using some simple measures you can make yourself much more safe.

Hackers and other bad actors often use email as their starting point. They have gotten very good at spoofing messages from companies like Apple, Amazon, and PayPal, putting links for you to supposedly 'secure your account' or 'check order status', leading you into their trap. Of course, any attachment that you are not expecting or sent from anyone that you do not recognize, you don't open! As a smart person who has purchased from Silent Pocket, you already know this, but what happens when your grandparent or child, employee, colleague, consultant or customer doesn't pay the same attention?"

The easiest way to protect your back door, window, chimney, etc, (as per our house analogy), is if the thief can't see your house and doesn't know it exists! That's why most of Blacksite's clients usesecure domains for most of their communication. Instead of "", you use the domain“company.scom”. Bad actors will not see your site, or be able to even send messages, break in to your video conferencing or any other communication.

These secure communications are off-grid, but what about situations where you cannot use secure communications and/or your device is not in its Silent Pocket? This is where Blacksite customers use multiple strategies and technologies to ensure that they have closed all their windows and bolted the back door. Do you have the equivalent of a garage door- something that you need to be able to open and close with wireless control? Have you insured that it is protected? We have multiple technologies that close common vulnerabilities to software and wireless hacks.

Ok, so you are using secure communications and you have searched for and corrected any vulnerabilities that you can see. You are ahead of 95% of the pack, but wouldn't it be nice to close off another 4.999%? That's where Blacksite brings specialists to the table, to examine every aspect of your environment and probe for any unseen or new vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis. Just because you were secure yesterday, it doesn’t mean that you are secure today! WhatSolarWinds or other vulnerability has been discovered or created? With our suite of technologies and services, we ensure that your security is kept up to date 24/7/365. And the best kept secret of all. Used the Code “BLACKSITE” at checkout and get a nice discount on your next purchase of Silent Pocket gear!

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March 19, 2021

I need a Security DVR that monitors without using WiFi.
Even my 5Ge cell phone Connection bugs out at times. Then I must reboot my iPhone 12 Pro.
I need the least hackable security system. Any ideas? Thanks

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