Physical Analog Solutions To Increase Your Digital Security

May 09, 2018 3 min read

Physical Analog Solutions To Protect Your Data By Silent Pocket

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When you think of digital security, you mainly think of software and digital solutions such as VPNs or anti-virus software. Did you know that digital security can be increased through physical measures? Physical analog solutions are just as important as digital solutions. Here are some recommendations on how to increase your overall digital security.

Privacy Stickers

Privacy Stickers are an easy analog solution to protecting and increasing your privacy. It seems basic and a no brainer, but many people leave themselves vulnerable while searching the web or working on their devices. Through your device’s camera, people can obtain access to your camera and watch what you are doing. Privacy Stickers are a simple solution to block out all creeps trying to watch or blackmail you. These stickers are perfect for computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Privacy Shield

Privacy Shields are perfect for remote workers or for when you are traveling for business. Visual hacking is another way people can get access to your private information. Visual hacking is essentially someone looking over your shoulder and even taking photos of your screen while you are working and obtaining necessary information to get into your accounts or access work files. The easy analog solution is a privacy shield. This shield goes onto your laptop or mobile phone. The privacy shield will make the screen blurry and unable to read when someone is peering over your shoulder.

Faraday Laptop Sleeve

Silent Pocket’s Faraday Laptop Sleeveis another great physical analog solution to protecting your laptop’s data and information. The Faraday Laptop Sleeve blocks all signals to and from your laptop including Wireless Signal, Cellular, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC. This means no one will be able to access your data or information while your laptop is in the sleeve. This is an added layer of security for when you are not using your laptop. This laptop sleeve will give you peace of mind knowing your information is secured.

USB Data Blocker

A USB data blocker is a great way to secure your mobile phone or laptop while charging on unsecure outlets in places such as airport terminals, coffee shops, or connecting to unknown computers. Now days laptops and mobile phones are dying at an increasingly alarming rate, so charging when you can is always essential. Using a USB data blocker is a secure way to charge your devices knowing your devices will not get any viruses or malware. It is a simple solution that will give you peace of mind while charging your devices.

Faraday Backpack

Silent Pocket’s Faraday Backpack is another great option if you are looking to secure multiple devices, RFID cards, key fobs, and passports. This 20-liter backpack is great way to securely carry your devices and belongings around town or for travel. This Faraday backpack blocks all signals to and from your devices ensuring your devices are signalproof and hackproof. Not only does this backpack give you digital protection, but also physical protection. Our waterproof backpack is made of durable nylon and built to weather all elements. This is another way you can enhance your overall privacy on a daily basis.

Physical analog solutions are just as important as digital solutions. Utilizing both physical and digital solutions will increase your overall security and privacy. The more layers of security you have the more likely your information will remain private and less likely your information will fall into the wrong hands. When you take the appropriate steps to protect your digital privacy, you are in control of your digital footprint and what you put out. 

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