Preventing Car Thefts

May 05, 2021 2 min read

Preventing Car Thefts

The automobile industry has dramatically advanced in the recent years. Those days when a hard metal key was used to unlock and start the engine are almost gone. While keyless entry and keyless start are seen as huge advancements that can make our lives easier, this technology can be used in reverse by thieves. Today's thieves used many different and sophisticated techniques to gain access to vehicles.

We have covered this topic before, but feel that there can never be enough awareness of the issues that can occur when you own a keyless entry or keyless start vehicle.

What is Keyless car theft?

With keyless entry or keyless start, your car looks for the signal that your key fob gives out when it is in close enough proximity. Once it is sensed, the car unlocks and allows you to enter and in some cases start the car.

Because it only relies on a signal, this signal can be boosted, captured, and relayed by the proper thief. Essentially, they trick the car into thinking that they have the native key.

Two main types of keyless car entry or theft 

Signal Jamming

    The thief blocks the signal from the key fob to the car using a system that transmits the same frequency band as remote key fobs. When a car owner presses the lock button on their key fob, the order is not sent to their vehicle and leaves it unlocked for the thief to enter.

    Signal Relay

      This is quickly becoming the most widespread form of car break-ins and thefts.

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      Relay robbers catch the signal from your key fob, by using a technique that boosts the signal so they can capture it, and then relay it to your vehicle directly. The procedure is repeated to start the engine once the endeavor is inside the vehicle if it is keyless start as well.

      How to keep your car safe

      These methods will help you to keep your vehicle safe from keyless car theft.

      1) Use a Physical Key

      There are a handful of cars that can still be used with a physical key, it may feel inconvenient, but its better than walking out to an empty parking spot.

      2) Use a Faraday Bag

      A Key Fob Faraday Bag is the best way to prevent keyless car theft. These block the key fob from sending or receiving any signals and make sure it stays locked, and secure where you left it.

      Brandon Lasko
      Brandon Lasko

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