5 Privacy Apps to Enhance Your Mobile Privacy

May 08, 2018 4 min read

5 Privacy Apps to Enhance Your Mobile Privacy By Silent Pocket

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Many of us trust third party companies with our data and private information. We assume since it’s with trusted companies, our information will remain secure. This has not been the case recently. With data breaches becoming more common, it is important to take steps and precautions to protect your information and ensure it will remain protected in the long term. It’s time to take control of your digital footprint, be aware of what third parties can collect and sell, and most importantly be conscious of the information you are putting out on the internet. Here are some apps that will protect your mobile privacy.


Protonmail is an encrypted email service that provides you absolute privacy and security for your email. When you use Gmail, you are giving Google control of your sensitive data. Google has the ability to track your every move and search history. Google reads, collects, and sells all your data to third party companies. With Protonmail, you are solely in control of your data and information. Protonmail cannot access any of your data and does not track your searches and online activity. Protonmail uses zero-access encryption and end-to-end encryption which makes it impossible for any third parties to decipher your emails. This also doubles as an additional layer of security and protection for your email account in case of any data breaches. Protonmail is the most secure email account to use and is highly recommended if you are sending sensitive information via email.


Meet your new favorite app! Signalis a free app for your phone, laptop, and computer. Signal uses an end-to-end encryption that allows you to send messages, voice messages, pictures, group chat, make calls, and video chat in complete privacy. Signal increases your overall privacy and ensures third parties like Apple or Whatsapp are not collecting and reading through your messages or listening in on your calls. You are the only one able to see your messages and call history. Signal also has a feature where you can have messages disappear after a certain amount of time. Signal puts their users first and the purpose of Signal was to create a safe and secure place to communicate with others. There are no ads, tracking, or affiliate marketing connected with this app. It is strictly for the people.

Tor Browser

Tor is a non-profit organization that researches and creates new free online privacy tools for the general public. Tor browser is essential for browsing the web. ISPs sell your browsing history to third party marketers and anyone who will buy it. The issue with this is, sometimes usernames and passwords are sold with this data. This makes it easy for identity thieves to get a hold of important accounts. Tor browser will let you surf the web anonymously and protects you from ISPs, marketers, and websites trying to collect your data. This browser also hides your IP address. This is beneficial for everyone because it hides your location and is a nice added layer of security. Recently, parents and families have starting using Tor browser to protect their children from giving out their location through their IP address. Tor Browser is a safer and more secure way to browse the Internet.


Keeplyis an app that secures all your private information and data on your phone. Keeply is almost like a digital vault for all your valuable information on your phone. Keeply protects your private photos, passwords, notes, and documents all in one place. Keeply let’s you decide what you want to share and what you want to keep private. Keeply has a nice layout and is designed to simplify and organize all your accounts, passwords, credit cards, and other sensitive information in one place. This app will simplify your life and increase your security.

Screen Lock – Time Password

Screen Lock is an app for your smartphone. If you are concerned about someone figuring out your pin to your phone, this is the perfect app for you! It is an extremely simple concept. The password is constantly changing to ensure top notch security. The password is always easy to remember because it is the current time. When you utilize this app, your password updates as the time changes.

These are just some of the apps that you can utilize to increase your mobile privacy and to overall enhance your privacy. It is important to be in control of your data, information, and internet activities. Many of these companies are non-profits or are created through volunteers who want to continually improve and secure the internet for everyone. These apps are great resources to start controlling your footprint and to give you ultimate peace of mind.

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