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Protect Your Car With A Key Fob Guard

May 29, 2018 2 min read

Protect Your Car With A Key Fob Guard

Read Time: 3 Minutes

Do you have smart keys, a keyless car entry system, a push-to-start car? If you answered yes, you are left vulnerable to car theft. Car theft is on the rise especially with keyless car entry systems. Carjackers have the ability to mimic your key’s signal and drive off with your car or open the garage to your house. This type of crime leaves minimal evidence and most criminals end up getting away with it.

These type of smart keys are compromising your overall security for you and your family. It is very convenient to keep your keys in your purse or your pocket while unlocking the doors or starting the car, but at what price. We now sacrifice convenience for security and that is a problem. It is essential you take control of your security and take preventative measures to avoid this situation.

Here at Silent Pocket, we create physical analog solutions to protect your privacy and security while still being able to enjoy the convenience of technology. Our Key Fob Guards block all signals to and from your key. With your key in our Key Fob Guard, car thieves are now unable to mimic your key’s signal. This innovative product will protect your invest/car and enhance your security.  Our Key Fob Guard is a 5in by 4in small and flexible shielding guard made of durable cotton canvas.

Benefits Of A Key Fob Guard

  • Protects Your Car – an add layer of security for your car
  • Small And Discrete – comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Easy And Convenient – easy access to your keys
  • Peace Of Mind – sleep well at night knowing your car will be there in the A.M.
  • Added Bonus – one credit card can fit in the guard for RFID security

Introducing Our Newest Colors:

  • Forest Green
  • Deep Purple
  • Hunter Orange
  • Pure Pink

Key Fob Guard Features:

  • Premium washed canvas / water resistant
  • Fold up and snap design + key chain attachment 
  • 3 X 10.2 cm // 5.0 X 4.0 in // 0.8 oz
  • Comfortably holds 1 standard sized key fob + 4-5 additional house/office keys

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Amanda Fitzjerrells
Amanda Fitzjerrells

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