RFID Capture and Cloning Hardware: Meet the Boscloner!

October 25, 2016 2 min read

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The Boscloner - an RFID Capture and Cloning Machine

A friend of Silent Pocket and a Senior Security Consultant, Phillip Bosco, has built a very eye-opening and open-sourced RFID capture and cloning device called the ‘Boscloner’.

In laymen’s terms, it’s an office access badge cloning and penetration testing machine that can clone an RFID badge from three feet away in a matter of seconds, giving you nearly instantaneous access to any restricted area!  (Elliot from ‘Mr. Robot’ could have used this in the first season while gaining access into the Steel Mountain Data Center)

Fitting into a standard laptop sized messenger bag, the machine itself looks a bit like a computer motherboard with a small OLED display (see below).  

RFID Capture | RFID Cloning | Boscloner


You simply walk up to within 3 feet of an unsuspected owner of an office access badge and the machine will do the rest.  You get a notification on your phone through an app and Bluetooth connection from the cloner that will tell you the blank RFID card you’ve readied in the pocket has been successfully cloned.  After that, all you need to do is walk up the scanner as you normally would, and it will grant you access to the building.

RFID Capture | RFID Cloning | Boscloner

Watch this brief video and demonstration by the inventor himself:


How to Stop an RFID Capture and Cloning Device Like The Boscloner


So as you can see, the Boscloner is a relatively simplistic and concerning penetration method.  For under $1000, any would-be thief can build a machine capable of cloning office access badges.

We may be partial here, but perhaps the most simplistic method of blocking a machine like the Boscloner from cloning your badge is to put it into one of Silent Pocket's RFID and NFC blocking wallets.

Our wallets block both 13.56mhz and 125khz frequencies.  No other RFID blocking wallet on the market today is blocking in the 125khz frequency.  This is one of the main advantages of a Silent Pocket wallet with the others being genuine Napa leather and DOUBLE the shielding material.  We over-engineer our products so our customers are 100% protected.

Buy one today!


Josh Bare
Josh Bare

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