Safe Travel Practices For Aviation

June 27, 2019 2 min read

Safe Travel Practices For Aviation

Both being in an airplane and airports themselves, are places that are packed full of people. Often times everyone is in a rush and what can be an easy process becomes a jumble of bodies going through security, waiting to board the plane, sitting down, unloading the plane and finally getting your bags. 

While we can hope that everyone has the best intentions when we fly this is not always the case. There are two "free" areas in airports, the area from the curb to where you check in and where you are getting your bags to the curb.

If you are flying for a high security aeronautical company, either as a pilot or as a key member of these companies, or your job is in private aviation,  then likely you want your location and your personal belongings to be well, yours. A big topic of ours at Silent Pocket is location and how many applications and devices themselves are constantly tracking your location for use by their advertisers. This data is then accessible by the right person with the tools, or money, at their fingertips.

So how do you prevent this? 

A RFID Blocking Passport Wallet is understated and can prevent the loss of your identity. In the current state of our world RFID scanners have the potential to be very small and held by anyone. With the right protection your passport, credit cards, and ID badge can stay yours as you travel through the airport and beyond.

Our Smartphones exist as constant distractions when on the ground, and shouldn't exist as such in the air. Put your phone in a Faraday Sleeve to protect your device from any signals going in an out and letting your mind focus on the job at hand whether it is flying or preparing for a mission. For your other devices look at our larger sizes for Tablets and Laptops, essential for protecting your personal information while on the move.

Our new Output line exists as a combination of our RFID and Faraday Line, allowing for a sewn in Faraday Cage for your standard sized smartphone and and RFID blocking lining and room for your Passports, Credit Cards and more. This exists as the premier option of combining fashion and function while traveling securely.

Your location is integral to your wellbeing when you travel constantly for your job, either as a pilot or as a high valued member of your company. These are a few of the options that Silent Pocket can bring to your daily carry to travel securely.

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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