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Shortcomings of the modern Android System

May 17, 2019 2 min read

Shortcomings of the modern Android System

While our smartphones have come along way in our modern world, they are still susceptible to a variety of different techniques.

The Android Operating System has been a favorite due to its open source nature, but this also has its drawbacks. While these systems have evolved many, many times in the last twenty and thirty years, they are still loosely based on original telephone technology and therefore are still susceptible to the same things. 

Researchers from the University of Florida, while collaborating with Samsung, have found that (AT)ttention Commands that are used to control modems can still be used today to command your Android operated phone. These AT commands started as simple things to Answer, Dial, Hang up, etc. but now have evolved for modern capabilities such as opening a camera, or using your phones touchscreen.

At the same time, RAMpage attacks can be used to break down the barrier between the applications on your phone and the rest of them on your smartphone. Essentially, allowing one application to take control of your whole phone and therefore all your personal date. There are defenses being prototyped to prevent these attacks for your smartphones, but not being fully rolled out as of yet. Another reason to be aware of what you are downloading from the App store.

Finally, it was found by a New York Times Report that Android phones from five years back were highly likely to be actively using your location data for law enforcement capabilities. The agencies were using techniques to locate the demographics of the people in certain areas, and were gathered from Googles, sensorvault, database. This database is held indefinitely by Google and holds detailed location data from the last decade.

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Brandon Lasko
Brandon Lasko

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